July 22, 2019 Shelburne, VT to Shelburne, NH


We woke to a gloomy sky with the threat of rain in the forecast.  We hurried our departure to avoid having to do it in the rain.  The temp was 68 degrees and it was so refreshing!  We pulled out around 9:00 and headed east on I-89.  We would be on the interstate for the first portion of our drive today.  We left town and climbed into the mountains  where some clouds hung low over the hillsides.

The highway cut through the rocks, but followed the Winooski River. 

The moose signs warned us of moose in the area and although we never saw any, I kept a keen lookout for moose, especially along the river. 

We were driving along, when all of a sudden, the GPS went black.  The timing was not good for this to happen, but after a minute or two, it restarted and all was back to where it should be.  The highway was devoid of billboards, signage with ads, and roadkill.  There were very few semis, but quite a few RV's.  The drive was beautiful with no shortage of trees.  Bob said Vermont must have the cleanest air in the whole country.  The temp continued to drop to 64 degrees as we climbed higher into the hills and we had a light, nagging rain. The interstate took us to Vermont's capital city of Montpelier and right past the gold-domed capitol building.  

We picked up Highway 2 out of town.  Highway 2 was a secondary road that took us cross-country through some small towns and some VERY bumpy, pothole-riddled roads.   In the town of Plainfield, we saw another covered bridge and this huge barn right along the road with a hole in the roof.

I love going through the small towns.  They have some very interesting sights.  We jumped back on the interstate for a short distance until we picked up Highway 2 again.  The Moose Crossing  signs were tormenting me!  Where were the moose?  I might have to wait until our moose tour later this week to see a moose!

We crossed the Connecticut River at the border of Vermont and New Hampshire.

From high atop the roadway, could see part of Mount Washington (elev. 6288 ft.) covered in clouds in the distance.

In the town of Bethlehem, we picked up a detour on Highway 302 to Highway 115 which eventually brought us back to Highway 2 again for the rest of our drive.  Traffic was very light throughout our drive today.  Highway 2 in NH was in much better condition than in VT.  As we climbed into the hills near the White Mountains, the mountains were hidden by clouds.  This was a ski hill that was carved out of the trees on the mountains.

These signs were seen along the same stretch of highway.  There were lots of things to watch out for!

We stopped for gas in Shelburne before we went to the campground and noticed all these ATV's in town.  We found out that this is a big area with lots of ATV trails.

We arrived at Timberland Campground at 12:30 and checked in. The campground gives rides in this old firetruck.

We asked for a pull-through site and were assigned #30 because we would only be here for one night.

We stayed hooked up to the trailer, so we would have an easy departure tomorrow.  We got set up in a hurry as it started to rain lightly.  It rain harder throughout the afternoon so we just hung out.  We had an indoor meal and Auggie and I took our evening walk after the rain stopped….with a fleece on for the first time.  The mosquitoes were also out.









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