July 21, 2021 Madison, WI Day 3

We slept a little longer today and then had breakfast. Patty and Paul stopped by around 10:00 to check out the bus.

We made plans to see them in Door County on Saturday where they are spending the weekend on their boat in Sturgeon Bay. After about an hour they left and Bob and I went on with our day. We left the campground and drove further into Lake Farm Park to see what was going on at the boat launch on Lake Waubesa.

We also wanted to see if we could find out where all those dump trucks full of dirt were coming from. We did find a large pile of dirt that they must have been taking dirt from, but we still couldn’t figure out where they were going with it. Oh well…another mystery unsolved. From there, we got on the Beltline which took us to the west side where we previously lived. We noticed a few changes along the way, but much of it was old and familiar. We haven’t lived here since 2008, but we recognized much of the familiar scenery. We needed to stop at Target and a couple other stores too. From there, drove out to our old house in the town of Middleton. It is still out in the country, but the city is starting to encroach on it. We turned in on Caribou Lane. The neighborhood looked the same, but much more lush with all the mature trees.

Our house is to the left near the top of the cul-de-sac.

The house is still well-taken care of by the same lady who bought it from us.

The trees in the front yard grew to be huge, but they are so beautiful in the fall when the leaves change colors.

We drove around to the other cul-de-sac to get a view of our backyard, but it was hard to see through the trees. From there, we stopped at Woodman’s, our grocery store for many years. We needed some beverages, adult and otherwise.

We went back to the bus to drop off the beverages that needed refrigeration. After giving Auggie a short break outside, we headed downtown to Lake Mendota and the University of Wisconsin Memorial Union. On the drive downtown, we passed Bob’s old barbershop. It hadn’t changed much.

As we neared the Union, we could see the Capitol building at the top of State Street.

We got a closer view from a different direction. It’s such a beautiful building!

We found a parking lot near State Street and about 3 blocks away from the Union. The Union was not very busy at this time in the afternoon. The Terrace is most recognized for its bright green, orange, and yellow chairs.

We grabbed a couple of beers and found an open table right at the water’s edge on the Terrace.

Lake Mendota was very calm today as the boats rested while attached to their buoys.

We saw a few Buckys, well-placed around the campus. One was at the Union and the other was in front of the UW Bookstore.

We enjoyed our beverages on the Terrace as the sun finally broke through the clouds. There were a few ducks making their way across the lake. I guess this is what they mean by having all your ducks in a row.

After about an hour, we headed out, but first, we stopped in the Rathskeller inside the Union. We spent some time here back in the day.

On our walk back to the Jeep, we saw some of the iconic campus landmarks.

The Science Building
Alumni Park
The Armory, better known as the Red Gym

We cut through the plaza area where we saw the Wisconsin State Historical Society building. It is a magnificent architectural structure among the other historic buildings on campus.

We enjoyed our visit to the Union and left the parking garage for the campground. We sat outside at the campsite before dinner with Auggie and packed up a few things for tomorrow’s departure. We had our delicious knockwurst with sauerkraut for dinner.

More campers left this morning and a few arrived this afternoon. Auggie and I took our walk around the campground to see the new arrivals. Tomorrow we leave for Door County. We have enjoyed our busy, but short stay in Madison seeing family and friends.

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