July 20, 2021 Madison, WI Day 2

About 10:30, Bob got out one of our folding bikes which we store in a compartment under the bus. He took it for a test drive and then it was ready for me. I took a ride on the Capital City Bike Trail in one direction from the campground to the kiosk describing the Indian mounds that can be found in this area. It was about a mile ride.

Then I took a ride around the Lussier Family Heritage Center which was surrounded by wildflowers and walked a bit on the nature trail.

I rode the other direction from the campground on the Lower Yahara River Trail. Along the path were 2 sandhill cranes.

I turned off the trail on the path that led to the Observation Tower.

I climbed the stairs to the top to see the view from above. There was a pond off in the distance.

I rode back for a total of a mile round trip. It didn’t seem like a lot altogether, but it was hot and steamy outside. So unless I was moving creating my own breeze, it was very muggy. Bob worked on Co-op business while I was gone. After spending a few hours outside this morning, Auggie slept in the coolness of the AC in the afternoon. We had leftover sub sandwiches for lunch. Just before 3:00, we left to visit with our longtime friends (30+ years), Patty and Paul, who live in Fitchburg, a suburb of Madison.

They have a beautiful house and backyard which reminds me of a park.

We haven’t seen them in quite a long time and so it was nice of them to invite us over for dinner. Auggie went with us and loved spending time in the yard hunting for chipmunks and squirrels.

We enjoyed our time spent outdoors on the deck, catching up and reminiscing about old times.

Patty made Chicken Saltimbocca for dinner and it was delicious. She is such a good cook! I waited all day for one of Paul’s Old Fashioned cocktails. He makes the best ones ever! Before we left, we had to check out Paul’s collection of guitars! It seems to grow bigger every time we see them. He has a few favorites that he likes to play.

We did a little more visiting before we said our goodbyes. We made plans with Patti and Paul for them to stop over tomorrow at the campground and get a tour of the bus. Thanks, Paul and Patty, for a wonderful dinner and great company!

Bob, Auggie, and I left and made the short drive back to the campground. Auggie and I then took our walk before settling in to watch some TV. It was a wonderful day visiting with our longtime friends!

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