July 20, 2019 Shelburne, VT (day 2)


We had the air off all night and when we got up at 7:30 it was already 80 degrees.  We made plans for the day to visit downtown Burlington.  We left at 10:00 for the short drive in on Highway 7 through the University of Vermont on the upper level of town in the city's Hill District.  The homes there were huge and had been converted into use by the University–some into dormitories, some classrooms, and into other official buildings. 

 We found metered street parking only 2 blocks from the lake.

We walked down to the lake via the bike/pedestrian path past the old Union Station building with flying monkeys on the roof.

We stood on the hillside overlooking the harbor and marinas.

It was a Saturday and conditions on the lake were good so there was a lot of boat traffic.

From there, we climbed to the second level of a restaurant called Splash at the Boathouse.  They had an observation deck up there and we had a great view of the lake and the surrounding area.

It was heating up, but there was a nice breeze by the lake.

We waited for the restaurant to open at 11:00 and then had Bloody Marys while we enjoyed the view.

From where we sat, we could see the Burlington Breakwater North Light sitting at the end of the breakwater at the entrance to the harbor.

The dragonboats were out practicing for the upcoming Dragonboat Festival on August 4.

Even the Spirit of Ethan Allen Cruise Ship came in to dock and pick up passengers.   The Community Boathouse and Marina had boats coming and going for lunch and to spend the night.  From there, we took a walk along the Waterfront  Park on the Boardwalk.

There seemed to be lots of activity at the Waterfront Park Festival Site.  As we neared it, we discovered that this weekend they were holding the Vermont Brewers Festival.  It seemed to be drawing a lot of people to the area.

On our walk back to the truck, we passed under these trees that had a sweet scent coming from their yellow blossoms.  It seemed that all the trees along this path were blossoming at this time.

We took the truck and drove to Church St.  It is a 5-block pedestrian mall in the historic district.  It provides shops and restaurants in a festive atmosphere with outdoor music at times. 

We found parking on one of the side streets lined with these beautifully restored homes.  

We walked through the Church Street Marketplace doing some window shopping and stopping in a few to cool off in the AC. 

 Our mission was to find Ben and Jerry's and stop in for an ice cream.

We enjoyed our ice cream treat in the comfort of the AC.

It was located on Cherry Garcia Street.  When Ben and Jerry's got started, they gave all their flavors funky names like Cherry Garcia.  

From the Marketplace we drove back to the campground, but stopped at Shaw Market for a few groceries.  

Then we made a quick stop at the hardware store for a part to repair our water hose.  Once we got back to the campground, Bob worked on his repair project.

Auggie and I relaxed a little outside while Auggie's new friend sat up in a tree and drove him crazy.

 We sat outside until neither of us could stand it anymore and had to go back into the AC.  From the back window of the trailer I could see some birds arrive at the bird feeders in the campsite behind us to enjoy a treat.  

Auggie needed a bath today so he go one in the shower stall.  He is always such a good boy.

We had dinner and waited for the sun and the temperature to go down before taking our evening walk.  








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