July 2, 2021 Brunswick, GA to Ridgeway, SC

It was overcast and 77 degrees. Our drive today would be 257 miles on interstate most of the way. We left at 8:45 and drove up I-95 which took us north near the coast, along the salt marshes, and up towards Savannah.

There was a lot of standing water along the roadside from all the rain they’ve had lately. Holiday weekend traffic was heavy near Savannah. Traffic eventually lightened up. I can’t complain about the traffic as I travel in comfort.

We crossed the border into South Carolina at 10:15. Traffic slowed down going from 4 lanes to 2 lanes into South Carolina.

South Carolina has a stately border through this ornate entrance. Welcome to South Carolina.

We eventually turned off onto I-26 heading north to Columbia and ran into some light showers, but they didn’t last long. The two lanes highway was lined by beautiful trees.

After miles and miles of straight, level roads we finally came to a hill. We got excited for the change! We climbed slowly to the top and began coasting down the other side. Coasting down the hill, we reached a top speed of 68 mph. Woo-hoo!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t use our momentum to climb up the other side of the next hill because traffic was all backed up. We took Highway 26 around Columbia, the capital of South Carolina, to I-77 where we found our campground for the night, Little Cedar Creek Campground, near Ridgeway.

We were escorted to site #6 and got all hooked up to water and electricity. The Jeep stayed hooked up for a quick get-away in the morning.

We settled in and relaxed a little before dinner.

The campground was quiet and a few small showers popped up during the remainder of the daylight hours. Tomorrow we’ll be in Hickory, NC to visit our longtime friends from Wisconsin for the 4th of July weekend.

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