July 19, 2019 Lake George, NY to Shelburne, VT


This morning in the campground restroom on the counter there was a large brown leaf…or so I thought.  I went to clean it off and low and behold it was a beautiful moth.

We pulled out around 9:30.  Today would be a short and easy 89-mile drive to Shelburne, VT (but we said that the other day when we sat for hours in a traffic jam.)  Today's drive would be mostly scenic, secondary roads.  The road paralleled the Champlain Canal and we came very near to Lock #11.  We crossed the bridge over the Champlain Canal.

We passed through the small town of Whitehall, NY, the birthplace of the US Navy.  This red armory building sat at the intersection and was such a cool-looking building.

At the stoplight in town, this cute little house had all these animal decorations sitting in the front yard. They were all made out of tires. There were more, but the light changed and we had to move on.

Out in the country, we came upon this distillery selling moonshine whiskey.

We crossed into Vermont and gas was much cheaper ($2.69)

The sun finally came out and the haze burned off over the hills.  The road took us through the rolling hills of the countryside with farms and cornfields.  It looked a lot like Wisconsin.  We could see the Adirondack Mountains in the distance.

You know you're in the country when you meet a tractor on the road.

Our campground lies 7 miles south of Burlington near the town of Shelburne with the Adirondack Mountains to the west and the Green Mountains to the east.

As we drove through town to the campground, we noticed these unusual art pieces in the yards.

On the grounds of the Shelburne Museum, we saw an example of a covered bridge.

We arrived at Shelburne Campground around 11:30 and checked in.  

Our campsite was #56.  We took a look at the site and didn't think it would be big enough for our trailer, so we asked to switch to another site.  No luck!  There were no other spots available.  We went back to site #56 and made it work.  It is the smallest site we've ever had, but we'll make due.   We set up camp for 3 nights.

After setting up, I headed off to do laundry.  While I waited, I had some quiet time to do a little reading. An hour later, I was done.

With the predicted heat this weekend, we may get a chance to use the pool. 

We hung out and made plans to do some sightseeing in Burlington tomorrow.  Some Canadians arrived next door in a rental RV.  We helped them get plugged in, as there was a mix-up in where everyone's electrical box was.  After we got that all sorted out and everyone got AC/power, all was good in the neighborhood.  The campground started filling up for the weekend.  There seems to be a lot of seasonal people here at the campground who leave their RV's and come up every weekend.  It may get really busy here. Our neighbors behind us have all sorts of bird feeders and we see lots of different birds that come to feed there. It's fun to watch.  We had dinner and took Auggie for his evening walk around the campground.  We like to do that to see what the campground looks like and what types of camping rigs people have.  We look forward to checking out Burlington tomorrow.









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