July 18, 2021 Milwaukee, WI Day 7

It was another gorgeous day with blue skies and comfortable temperatures. We had our usual Sunday breakfast and got on with our day. Bob worked on a repair of the closet door in the bedroom .

Uncle Jim stopped by around 10:00 for a visit and to bring me a collection of succulents that he potted for me.

We visited for awhile and I gave him a tour of the bus.

It was great to see him and so nice of him to bring me the plants. Thanks Uncle Jim! Bob did some things around the bus this morning. He filled our water tank for the next campground since we have no sewer and water hookups there, only electricity. Around 11:00, we left with Auggie to go down to the Milwaukee lakefront. We got off I-94 at the Summerfest grounds on the lake.

Near the Art Museum are the “Wings” and they were open today.

We drove farther along Lake Shore Drive north toward McKinley Marina.

Many people were out and about enjoying this beautiful day by the lake doing biking, dog walking, exercising, and riding scooters. It was a busy place!

On the pond at Veteran’s Park, people were enjoying these cute swan paddle boats.

At Bradford Beach, people were sunbathing, playing volleyball, and a few brave souls were in the water. Brrrr! It was a chilly 72 degrees.

Bradford Beach

We passed by a little outdoor cafe called Moosa’s, the North Point Snack Bar, where people were getting a bite to eat.

As we traveled farther north on Lake Shore Drive, we found a place to park and walk Auggie on the grass in the shade of some big trees. He enjoyed romping in the grass and scouting the rocks and tall grass for critters.

We spent about an hour at the lakefront and as we started back, we noticed a large crowd at this coffee shop with an outdoor seating area. It seems there was some kind of dancer performing there.

From the shore, we could see boats motoring up and down the lake. It was a pretty calm day to be out on the lake.

This view of the lake from where we were walking showed how calm the lake was today.

We got a good look at the War Memorial as we got onto I-94 and drove back to the RV Park.

We dropped Auggie off at the bus. He was quite tuckered out from his romp at the lakefront. From there, we drove up to Anne’s house. The family was just hanging out at home, but we wanted to make one last visit to say goodbye. Anne also wanted Bob to look at the 1960’s pinball machine that he gave her when we moved to Florida and see if he could diagnose the problem with the tilt and flippers.

Bob took it apart and was able to get it back up and running except for one flipper. He made some minor adjustments to some of the parts and leveled the machine in the hopes that it would cure the problem, but still no luck.

I guess they can play it as is, but it’s time to call in the professional repairman. Louis was a very good boy while we visited.

We said our goodbyes and left there about 3:00 to return to the bus and enjoy some cocktails before dinner.

We haven’t been to Milwaukee in quite awhile and the highways had changed quite a bit. It took a little getting used to.

We had perch fry leftovers and then stowed away as much stuff as we could to quicken our departure tomorrow. We will be spending 3 nights in Madison to visit with Bob’s family and our friends. We really enjoyed our stay in Milwaukee, seeing all our family and friends, and being in one place for a whole week.

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