July 18, 2019 Lake George, NY (day 2)


Today was overcast, but 80 degrees.  We had a laid-back morning after our 8-hour ordeal in the car yesterday.  We slept in, had a leisurely breakfast, and I did some "household chores".  A little dusting and vacuuming, changed the sheets,(tomorrow I'll do the wash), and just some overall tidying up.  Bob worked on some Board and bank business, did a minor repair on the grill, and vacuumed out the truck.

Auggie got to spend all morning ouside.

I even got to relax and do a little reading.  What a treat not to have to go somewhere this morning.  Around 11:30, we took the 2-mile drive into Lake George.

Parking is always an issue, but we found a metered spot on a side street.  We walked up and down the main street where all the tourist shops are.

We checked out a few shops and walked to the overlook to get a better view of the lake.  It is a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains.

There were quite a few people parasailing and boating for a Thursday on the lake.

The beaches were busy with people and so were the restaurants.


We walked out onto the City Pier to get a close-up view.

There were steamship tour boats that would take visitors on the lake for an enjoyable ride.

We decided to stop at the Boardwalk Restaurant and Marina for a couple of beers and an appetizer.  We got a table on the deck overlooking the water and enjoyed our beverages.

We walked back to the truck past this beautiful old building, the Old Warren County Courthouse, built in 1845.

From there, we took the scenic drive north on Highway 9N along the lake (Lakeshore Drive).  This stately mansion sat on quite a large estate.  It is the historic Peabody estate which sold recently for $5 million.  It has 8 bedrooms, a 20-car garage, 2 boathouses, a 4000-bottle wine room and a heated outdoor pool.  It was built in 1895 for Royal C, Peabody, the founder of Brooklyn Con Edison.

Along the drive, there was motel after motel –rustic and modern–as well as cottages and resorts to chose from.  These cool Indian carvings sat in front of a log cabin motel.

It was unusual to see these warning signs about ice, multiple times along this highway.  I'm sure this area looks a whole lot different in the wintertime.

Once back in town, we took a drive along the south end of the lake where you would find the tour boats docked.

Here, also, you will find the entrance to Fort William Henry and the Million Dollar Beach, which is also a dog beach.  

Back at the campground, we sat outside while it was still cool and Auggie got more outside time.  We relaxed and did a little reading before dinner.  

A few more campers came in for the night.  We relaxed for the rest of the evening after our walk.  Tomorrow we move on to Burlington, VT for a few days.  








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