July 16, 2021 Milwaukee, WI Day 5

It was a cloudy morning although the forecast is for sunshine and warm temps over the weekend. My sister, Peggy, picked me up around 10:00 to go have lunch at my cousin’s house on Pewaukee Lake. Peg got a tour of the bus before we left and then we headed out for a beautiful day by the lake. Their beautiful home is located on the northeast side of the lake.

Their yard is lush with flowers and greenery. Just like a park!

They have a sitting area in the backyard with a fireplace and a great view of the lake.

We sat on the patio and got caught up with each other’s lives until everyone arrived. There would be my Aunt Martha (and Godmother), my cousin Kathy, my sister, the hostess/my cousin-in-law Debbie, and I.

Debbie is the ultimate hostess who served a delicious lunch. We finished lunch and had more conversation about our families, retirement, and travel. My cousin, Mike, joined us after his game of golf.

The cousins- Me, Kathy, my sister Peg, and Mike

When we were growing up with these cousins on my mom’s side of the family, we spent holidays, birthdays, and special occasions together. It was so good to see everyone and catch up. We’re getting older, but the memories are still there. We took some pictures to remember this day.

My Aunt Martha and Godmother
The Kaereks- Cousins Kathy and Mike, and Aunt Martha with Peggy and I
Cousin Kathy, Hostess and cousin-in-law Debbie, and Aunt Martha
Peggy and I

Peg brought me back to the RV Park around 3:00. We said our goodbyes and she left. Bob spent the day with Anne and Izzy. They went out to lunch and took Louis for a walk.

Bob and I relaxed a little before dinner. We were going to a traditional Milwaukee bar fish fry just up the road. We couldn’t leave Milwaukee without having one. We left for dinner in time to make our 5:30 reservation at the State Fair Inn.

The Regulars

I had to have an Old Fashioned cocktail or two before dinner. In Florida, nobody makes a good Old Fashioned. Only our friend, Paul, and any bar in Wisconsin can make a good Old Fashioned. It was delicious!

Bob and I both had the pan-fried perch fry which came with soup, onion rings, and cole slaw. It was as good as I remember. It is like a staple on Friday nights in Wisconsin.

We noticed this bar/restaurant on our way to Anne’s the other night. It had great reviews and it was nearby. How perfect was that! Of course, there was enough food to feed us another night. We got back to the bus and took Auggie for his walk. The cool night air was coming in off of the lake. It was one of the best weather days we’ve had so far here in Milwaukee. We relaxed with some TV. I had the most wonderful day spent with family and Bob enjoyed his time with Anne and Izzy too. It was a day to remember! Thanks Debbie and Mike for sharing your beautiful home with us!

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