July 15, 2021 Milwaukee, WI Day 4

We had a storm with strong winds and heavy rain come through last night around 3 AM. Walking up to feel the bus shaking, helped us sleep a little longer after the interruption. The skies continued to darken and lighten throughout the morning, as dark clouds moved into the area and then blew out again. After Auggie’s morning walk, Bob and I finished Auggie’s grooming. (Bob does the body and nails. I do the head, legs, tail, teeth, and ears.) Here is the finished product! Isn’t he cute and he smells so good?

Bob had to do some Co-op business and then we left to visit St. Adelbert’s Cemetery where my parents are laid to rest.

The cemetery is well-cared for and I was able to locate my parents final resting place from memory.

I was able to spend some quiet moments there without any interruptions. It was so peaceful and beautiful.

From there, we left to see my two childhood homes. This one on St. Francis Ave. in Greenfield was the one I lived in for my first twelve years. It looks so small now, but it didn’t seem so back then. The color of the trim had been changed from forest green to tan, but otherwise it looked the same.

When I was 13 we moved less than a mile away into a home my parents had built. I lived there from age 13 until I got married.

The current residents have made some upgrades and have taken good care of it.

Leaving there, we went to visit my Uncle Jim and Aunt Maryann at their home in Greendale. Jim is my dad’s younger brother. (Dad and Mom are on the right.)

The three Schaefer brothers–Laurie (oldest), Jim (youngest), and my dad, Ken.

We spent some time outdoors on their beautiful patio. It was surrounded by garden greenery! After all, Uncle Jim is a master gardener and has always had a green thumb! We moved inside when dark crowds approached. We enjoyed great conversation and wonderful company. Thanks for a memorable visit.

Around 4:00, we said our goodbyes and headed back to the RV Park. Auggie and I took a walk and then sat outside for awhile. The sun felt good on my face. Our plans for dinner changed and we ended up enjoying our leftovers from yesterday’s meal at That’s Amore’. The campground started to fill up as the evening wore on. The sun finally came out and the skies cleared a little. We took our evening walk and looked at all the different license plates in the RV Park. There were people from all over the country and as far away as Oregon. There was a cool breeze coming off the lake as the sun set. We chilled out with some TV and made plans for tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “July 15, 2021 Milwaukee, WI Day 4”

  1. Maryann+Schaefer

    It was wonderful seeing you yesterday and you both look great! Love the picture of the 3 brothers too. Jim said to tell you that if you would like some succulents he would deliver them to you.(In WI)!!! Just let us know. Hope the sun shines during the rest of your time in WI!

    1. bshaw16872@aol.com

      I would love some succulents. We are only at State Fair Park until Monday morning. If you want to take the time to deliver them to us, we are in the RV Park at State Fair Park off of 76th Street. Our bus is located to the right of the office in the first space. The bus is a Discovery that is black, grey, and silver with a blue streak. It has FL license plates. We will be gone most of the day tomorrow from about 1:00 until after dinner time. You could leave it on the picnic table OR we will be at the bus on Sunday for most of the day if you want to come and have a look. Give us a call if you need to check with us before you stop by. Thanks for offering. 941-705-4485.

  2. I remember the coupon party at the Schaefer residence. St. Mary Help of Christian used them for AV equipment, I think. We had so much fun at that school. Your mom,as secretary, was the most fun!

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