July 14, 2021 Milwaukee, WI Day 3

It was a beautiful morning with mostly sunny skies and temps in the low 80’s with a light breeze. Unfortunately, we are still getting up on Florida time. Hopefully, we’ll get synced up to Wisconsin time soon. We had an easy morning. Bob vacuumed out the Jeep and worked on rewiring the connection for the Brake Buddy in the Jeep.

The Brake Buddy is a mechanism that we use every time we tow the Jeep behind the bus. Under heavy braking conditions, it applies the brakes in the Jeep to assist in the stopping the motorhome. Also, God forbid, should the Jeep break free, it brings the Jeep to a screeching halt. It sets off a remote alarm at the driving station in the bus to let us know that the Jeep has been disconnected from the motorhome. The “breakaway system” is a mandatory requirement in all 50 states.

While he did that, I finished up my blog from yesterday and posted it on the website. Around 10:30, Anne and Izzy stopped by on their way to dance practice to visit with us and get a tour of the bus.

They left around 12:00 for practice. After they left, we opened up the Auggie Doggie Grooming Salon. Auggie got a bath in the shower and a haircut, complete with teeth brushing.

Bob worked on Co-op business for a couple of hours this afternoon. Around 3:00, a large storm blew in from the west and it rained pretty hard for about an hour. Around 5:00, we left to go meet my sister, Peggy, and her husband, Tom, for dinner at That’s Amore’ in Greenfield. We had a delicious meal and even better conversation. It was great to see them after all this time!

We returned to the RV Park and took Auggie for his evening walk. The campground was pretty empty tonight with many people leaving earlier today. We relaxed with some TV and kept an eye on the score of the Buck’s basketball game. They are playing game #4 tonight in the playoffs. Go Bucks!!!

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