July 14, 2019 New Market, VA to East Stroudsburg, PA


Note:  If you want to follow our path on the map, click on the "Location" button on the left of the main page and you can see where we've been.  Unfortunately, it shows the locations "as the crow flies", but you'll get the idea.

The morning was cool, so we finally opened the door and turned off the AC.  We were on the move by 9:00 on a hazy Sunday through the stone arch on our way out of the campground.

We have 295 miles on our drive to East Stroudsburg, PA and the Pocono Mountains today.  Traffic was heavy and there were more trucks than we expected for a Sunday.  We hit the Virginia/West Virginia state line around 10:15.  

We would only cut across a very small corner of West Virginia before making our way into Maryland.  Bob has family on his mother's side in Falling Waters, WV and in Hagerstown, MD which is not far from where we were traveling today, but we want to give a shout out (Hi!) to anyone from the area that we know who might be reading our blog.

We were getting 13.6 mpg which is amazing considering that the terrain wasn't all that level and we didn't have a tailwind since there wasn't any wind at all.  We ran into some road construction in WV and MD that narrowed the lanes way down.  That was a little hairy for awhile.  We passed over the Potomac River, crossing over the western arm of Maryland. 


After only 12 miles in Maryland, we crossed the state line into Pennsylvania.  Now we are getting somewhere!  

We spent most of the day traveling on I-81.  At Harrisburg, we crossed the Susquehanna River.

I must say that roads in PA are some of the worst roads we've ever driven on and Auggie noticed.   Auggie has taken to giving one shrill bark to get our attention from the back seat.  This seems to happen when the road is really bumpy and has happened 3 times during our last 2 long drives.  Once we bring him into the front seat on my lap, he falls asleep as happy as a clam.  We finally arrived at our destination, Mountain Visa Campground in East Stroudsburg, around 3:00. 

We checked in at the office and were assigned site PT #10. (PT=Pull Through).  We are in an old forest on the hillside.

Our site is shady and Auggie already loves it.  We saw a chipmunk run across the driveway as we pulled in and I'm sure he was tracking him down.

There are many large wood carvings throughout the campground.  Someone is very talented.  This one sits just across from the dog park near our campsite.

We settled in and enjoyed a few cocktails after the long drive today.  This is really our last long drive of the trip for awhile.  We are staying here for 3 nights and will be doing some sightseeing in the Pocono area.   









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