July 11, 2020 Grand Junction to Montrose, CO

It was cool this morning with a nice breeze to keep it that way for awhile. Bob followed Randy to the GMC dealer for his 9:00 appointment to have his truck looked at for the fuel leak. They returned shortly and we just hung out until our checkout time of 11:00. It was another one of those times where we had to check out by 11, but check-in wasn’t until 1:00 and we only had 60 miles to go today. The GMC dealer called about 10:15 to say it was a slice in the gas hose, but that he didn’t have one in stock. He taped it so it wouldn’t leak and Randy would get it fixed under warranty when he gets back to Silverthorne next week. It should be alright until then. Randy and Bob went to pick up the truck at 10:30 and I got everything ready to leave the campground by 11:00. After the guys got back, we all got ready to leave. We pulled out about 11:30 and Randy followed shortly after. We headed out on Highway 50 to Montrose. We passed through the arid high plains and occasionally there would be an oasis of green.

The road wound through the valley along the Gunnison River. It looked really green.

Soon we got a glimpse of the mountains off in the distance.

As we drove south, we got closer to the San Juan Mountains and could see snow on some of the 14ers–mountain peaks in the 14,000 ft range in elevation.

We arrived at Black Canyon of the Gunnison KOA at 1:00 and checked in. We each got a goodie bag of a pad of paper, pen, and 2 koozies from KOA.

We were in site #5 in a row of all buses and all of us were pulling Rubicons.

Ran and Jane arrived shortly after us and were in site # 24 right across from the pool.

Once we got set up, we got together to discuss our plans for the next 3 days that Ran and Jane would be with us. Later in the afternoon, we met at the pool for a swim and to enjoy the hot tub.

We had the pool pretty much to ourselves.

Jane brought over a charcuterie board for everyone to share. Ran, Bob, and I had never heard of that term before, but it was a snack tray of crackers, cheeses, sausages, olives, and chocolate covered raisins. Apparently, you can buy them pre-made or you can have them made to order at any deli. It was tasty and really hit the spot. It turned out to be a pleasant day with a nice breeze. If you weren’t in the sun, it wasn’t too hot. We made plans to meet back at their campsite at 6:30 to cook our steaks on the grill.

Dinner was delicious and Jane set a beautiful table. After dinner, I walked Auggie and then we went back to their campsite for a campfire.

It was a beautiful night and Randy made a great campfire. Tomorrow, we made plans to take the drive to Telluride and spend the day exploring there.

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