July 11, 2019 Savannah, GA to Statesville, NC


It was a bright, sunny day without a cloud in the sky.  We pulled out around 9:00 with 295 miles to go today.  Our route would take us north through Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC.  We crossed the state line from Georgia into South Carolina over the Savannah River.

We made stops at a rest area and for gas in South Carolina ($2.28/gal. with our Good Sam's discount), but other than that we made good time, although traffic was heavy most of the way.  As we neared Columbia, we experienced more hills than we've seen so far this trip.

Just south of Charlotte, we hit a traffic slowdown where we lost a little bit of time.  Nothing major.  Traffic going north in the other lane was at a standstill and there were a lot of crash, slow traffic, and construction icons all over the GPS screen.  Luckily, it didn't affect us too much.  Unfortunately, the radio tuner stopped working and it was stuck on the Howard Stern Show, so we didn't listen to anything for the last 30 miles of today's drive.  We crossed the North Carolina border and were looking forward to getting to our destination.

We arrived at the Statesville KOA around 3:00.

We were escorted to our site, #30, and proceeded to set up.  We stayed hooked up which makes for a fast and easy departure tomorrow. 

The weather radar showed us that we  might get some rain, so we wanted to be done before it started.  We got a notification that that was a severe thunderstorm warning for our area until 4:45 PM.  The wind picked up and the rain started to fall lightly, but it didn't last long.  Auggie and I squeezed in a little walk before the rain started again.  We had an indoor meal to avoid grilling in the rain.  Tomorrow we have another long drive and we want to get another early start.  








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