Indiantown day 2

Sunday, March 30, 2014 The rains never came last night, but the cold front moved through bringing gusty winds with it and cooler temps this morning. We checked the forecast for Stuart and the winds are pretty strong there. Because there is a big open stretch of water near Stuart, we decided to spend another night here in Indiantown and leave for Stuart tomorrow when the winds would be lighter. 

The boat needs a good wash after getting covered in pollen in Ft. Myers and dirty water from our crossing of Lake Okeechobee yesterday, so today will be a good day to do that. We used today as a work to do a few boat chores. Bob worked on the outside of the boat while I worked on the inside. Our dock neighbors from Canada asked for a tour of the boat, so while Bob gave the tour, Auggie and I sat up on the office patio. Auggie hunted geckos and I watched all the boating action. Bob joined us later and the 3 of us took a long walk down the country road and around the boat storage area looking at all the boats there. We were all tired out when we returned to the boat to relax.

I worked on some articles for the newsletter and Bob continued to work on some little cleaning projects in the boat. I called home to talk with Mom and Dad for our weekly chat. Time flew by, more boats arrived in the marina, and before we knew it, it was time to clean up, have a cocktail, and grill supper. We made arrangements to stay in Stuart tomorrow and connect with Davis and Davis (Freedom Lift) who will make a minor repair on our lift that carries the dinghy. They are the installers of Freedom Boat Lift for all of Florida. Lucky for us their main base of operations is in Stuart. How convenient! We had dinner and watched the second game of the NCAA Tournament. Wisconsin won yesterday in a nail biter of a game against Arizona and will advance to the final four. Woo-hoo! Go Badgers!!! It turned out to be a great day with sunny skies and a temp of 75. Perfect!

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