Hot Springs, AK to Tupelo, MS

August 6, 2015

There was a thunderstorm that came through around midnight last night. It rained awhile, but not for long. I was finally getting a good night’s rest when the storm blew in and woke me up. Luckily, I could get right back to sleep. In the morning, we woke up around 7:00 and started our preparations for leaving today. It was a warm, cloudy morning, but no more rain was expected. The forecast was calling for temperatures in the 100’s this weekend, so it was time to go. We were on the road at 8:30 and after an hour or so, we crossed the Arkansas River.

We traveled west to east across the middle of Arkansas, through agricultural areas devoid of any hills or mountains. We followed this RV bus that was towing a car,which was towing a boat. Now that’s crazy!

Traffic was heavy with semi trucks and RV’s. We saw a lot of flooding in northeastern Arkansas after the large storm that came through north of us yesterday, but missed us. When we crossed the Mississippi River, we entered Memphis, TN for just about 12 miles before we turned south into the state of Mississippi.

Gas was as low as $2.09 per gallon in Mississippi. That was a nice change. It was the lowest we’ve seen on this trip so far. We picked up some light rain in Mississippi and it followed us all the way to Tupelo. Once in Tupelo, we stopped for gas on our way to the campground and then it rained much harder. Luckily, it stopped completely as we pulled into the Campground at Barnes Crossing for the night.

We checked in to register at the office at 2:30 and were set up by 2:50. Record time!

We kept the trailer connected to the truck so that we wouldn’t have to take the time to hook up in the morning. That makes it a little easier and faster.

Auggie got a quick walk before it started to rain again and we settled in for a cocktail and a look at the Republican Debate at 4:00. It did rain some more, but it was just a short shower. We had a visitor come to the trailer. It was a young tabby cat who meowed at our doorstep. She looked kind of thin, so I thought she might be hungry. Bob suggested that I give her some of Auggie’s dog food. She gulped it down. 

I gave her two more helpings and some water. She seemed to enjoy that. I think she hung around for awhile and then we didn’t see her again tonight. After the debate, Bob grilled steaks for dinner and we relaxed watching the second debate at 7:50 (our time). We turned in early for another day of driving tomorrow.

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