Home Sweet Home…again

Ft. DeSoto to Palmetto

We had one heck of a night! Around 10:00, we noticed that the wind picked up and the sky looked ominous. We checked the radar online and saw we had storms approaching. We made a few preparations and waited. It wasn’t long before we had 40 mph winds when the storm front came through. There was no lightning or rain, but lots of wind. Luckily, we were anchored in the protection of the mainland and the storm didn’t last long. The winds did push us around on our anchor for about an hour or more, but the anchor held and we tried to get to sleep. We both slept out on the settee in the salon just to be able to move quickly if something unforeseen happened. Around midnight, things had settled down and so we moved into the bed where we slept soundly until the sun came up. This morning the water was glass calm. We laid there awake just listening to the silence. Bob made a few calls and we made plans to take the boat to Marsh Harbor Marina for service which is just 5 minutes from the house. After breakfast, we got ready to pull up anchor and head back to the house. We docked without issue at the house, offloaded the cold food and a few personal items, and were ready to take the boat back over to the marina by 9:00. The people at Marsh Harbor were waiting to catch our lines as we approached the dock and we were all tied up in no time. Bob filled out the paperwork and our friend and neighbor, Denny, picked us up to bring us back to the house. We settled in and Auggie went straight to his bed for a nap. We’ll put this blog on hold until we find out what’s happening with the boat. Till later……

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