Hobe Sound to Lake Worth

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 What a beautiful starry night! The sky was just bursting with stars and even a planet. The winds calmed off and we had a very peaceful night. Bob’s cold has finally dried up after 5 days and both of us are back to full strength. We weren’t in any rush this morning , so Bob made us a leisurely breakfast of eggs and toast. We took Auggie to shore in the dinghy for his morning walk. He was anxious to go for a ride in the boat. He didn’t really care where it was going.

He really enjoyed running down the beach occasionally touching his nose to the water.

Once we were back on the boat, Auggie took a nap in his favorite spot.

We did a few chores on the boat and got ready to haul anchor at 11:00. The skies were blue and cloudless with a temp. of 78 degrees. Lots of boats were on the move today. Spring Break is only beginning! The water here near Jupiter is the most aqua blue/turquois green color!

As we neared the Inlet, we caught sight of the Jupiter Inlet lighthouse, complete with Fresnel lens. You know me and lighthouses! I can’t get enough of them!

We made a sweeping turn past Jupiter Inlet to follow the ICW. Boats were taking a chance going out the inlet as it is constantly shoaling and full of hazards. It can be done with good local knowledge.

We passed this guy on a jet ski with a bimini top. It kind of defeats the purpose of a jet ski, which is to go fast, doesn’t it?

Today there were lots of people on the water kayaking and paddleboarding in this downtown area where boats have to travel at a “slow–no wake” speed. They were having a great time!

This guy, however, was not having such a good day!

The mansions along the waterway near Jupiter were jaw-dropping—one bigger or more elaborate than the next. Bob commented on how most of the lawns look like green carpet. One “For Sale” sign advertised homes for $3.2 million. What a steal!

We finally passed a “Slow Speed–minimum wake” sign that actually described what “Slow Speed” means.

We entered Lake Worth at 1:00 to check out an anchorage and decided to spend the night. After dropping the anchor and letting it settle, we made some plans for tomorrow. 

Then the 3 of us hopped in the dinghy for the short ride to find the dinghy access just around the bend. We chained the dinghy to the fence with the other dinghies that were there.

Bob and Auggie took a short walk, but stayed close by. I took the 3 block walk to Publix for a few groceries. I didn’t really NEED anything, but I thought that is was better to make the most of the opportunity while I had it so close by. I was back to the dinghy after about 20 minutes and we headed back to the boat. It was about 3:30 when we got back and we just relaxed watching more boats arrive to anchor for the night. There was a nice cool breeze blowing from the SSE, keeping us very comfortable. We ate an earlier dinner and took Auggie to shore as the sun was setting.

He got his evening walk and we returned to watch a little TV. Tomorrow we would have a long day of driving the ICW with a lot of bridges, some that we would need to have opened for us on a schedule. Timing would be everything. We will get an early start and head for Lake Boca Raton to anchor out tomorrow night. The evening skyline of the city of Lake Worth lit up the night as darkness fell.


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