Hatteras, NC Day 4

Change of plans for today. Bob woke up in the middle of the night and was very sick to his stomach. We were up for about an hour and then when things calmed down we went back to bed. He woke up a couple more times during the early morning and was not doing so well. I got up around 7:30 and let him sleep. Our plans for going to Ocracoke on the ferry today would have to be postponed. After eating breakfast myself, Bob woke up and suggested that I make plans to do something by myself today. He didn’t really feel up to doing anything. I took Auggie for his morning walk, and thought about what I wanted to do today. I made sure Bob was comfortable and around 10:00, I got ready and left to go to the beach. My plan was to go north to the town of Avon. 

We hadn’t been north yet on Hwy. 12, so it would be fun to explore the area. I stopped at a beach shop that was having a 70% off closing sale, but I couldn’t find anything I liked. Next, I wanted to check out the Avon Fishing Pier. This would be a good spot to spend some time at the beach.

I chose a spot under the pier so I wouldn’t have to set up my beach umbrella and try and keep it from taking flight in the wind. This pier was also in need of some repair.

The skies were clear and a strong wind was blowing from the southwest. I waded into the water and it was quite chilly compared to the other beaches, but the beach was full of sunbathers and surfers.

After awhile, the wind got stronger and dark clouds appeared in the southern sky. It looked like they might bring some rain my way, but they skirted along the coast farther out from shore. I could see rain dropping from the clouds, but nothing ever fell at the beach. After awhile, they all disappeared. 

I spent a couple of hours there and left around 1:30. On the way back, I stopped at the Food Lion in Avon to pick up a few things. I also stopped at the Wings Beach Store to check out their sale. I found something I liked and then continued on my way back to the campground. I got back around 2:00 to find Bob up and about. He was feeling a little better, but still weak. He was drinking water, but had not had anything to eat. We relaxed a little and took it easy for the rest of the afternoon. Hopefully, he will feel well enough tomorrow to go to Ocracoke like we had planned. The campground emptied out a lot between yesterday and today. Things were pretty quiet. We had a later dinner and had mac and cheese to calm Bob’s stomach. Hopefully, he’ll be able to keep it down. Auggie and I took our evening walk to check out the sunset again. Last night’s was basically non-existent because it was hidden by the clouds. Tonight’s was the same, but we were surprised by the sight of the full moon bright in the night sky.

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