Harrisonburg, VA Day 4

July 30, 2023 It was a busy morning at the campground. Since it is Sunday, many weekend campers are leaving and then add to that the campers that are just moving on to their next destination and you have a very busy place. The place was really clearing out. We were expecting some rain last night, but it seems the storms split when they got near us and either went north or south of us and we got no rain. What we did get was cooler temperatures, so today’s high it expected to be around 86. We still had hazy skies for awhile, but we had sunshine and less humidity. Bob made our usual special Sunday breakfast and we got ready to go into town. We left for Harrisonburg about 12:00. The skies were pretty clear now.

We took the short drive into town to Virginia ABC Liquors and Walmart. We got gas at Walmart for $3.33/gal. That was so cheap compared to the other stations in the area. We had to stock up on some groceries and liquor. After our stop at those two places, we headed back to the campground. We passed this unusual cemetery that might have been from the local farmer who owned the land there.

We unloaded the groceries and changed clothes to go down to the pool. It was such a beautiful afternoon and we had the pool all to ourselves after the only one other person that was there left after about 10 minutes. We watched quite a few campers arrive while sitting at the pool.

We stuck around for about an hour and headed back to the campsite. We enjoyed cocktails before dinner with Auggie and watched other campers arrive. We had dinner and did our walk. We watched another movie that we borrowed from the campground.

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