Harrisburg, PA Day 2

July 24, 2023 HAPPY 41ST ANNIVERSARY TO US! This morning, Auggie and I woke up with a start to thunder right overhead. That was a shock! It rained for a short time and moved on. It was a little cloudy once we got up and there was more threat of rain later in the day. It was already 72 at 9:00 and is going to climb to the low 80s today. I noticed yesterday as we left the campground, that one of our front headlights was burned out. Bob checked that out today and went to the store to buy a replacement bulb. While he was gone, I got to thinking that Bob and I have been on vacation somewhere for many years on our wedding anniversary. I guess that comes with getting married in the middle of July. I took a look back at those past years to see where we have been on our anniversary for some of those years and here is what I discovered. Many years, we took boat trips and those were done in the spring before the heat of the summer. Sometimes we took trips to the Southwest and also left in the spring before the heat took over. But in those years where we were traveling on our anniversary, here are the places we’ve been to celebrate it: Frankfort, MI; Moab, UT; Beaufort/Outer Banks, NC; Moosehead Lake, ME; Littleton, CO; Niagra Falls, NY; Egg Harbor, WI; and now Harrisburg, PA. One very special year, Bob surprised me with a cruise to the Bahamas for our anniversary! No matter where we are, it’s always special making great memories together! We made some phone calls to take care of some business and talked about our plans for our time here in Harrisburg.

Today, we decided to take it easy and have a laid-back kind of day. Auggie went to the “spa” and got his teeth brushed, his ears cleaned, and his nails trimmed by Bob and I. We have the opportunity to wash the bus in this campground which isn’t always possible in other campgrounds, so we want to take advantage of it while we are here. We’ll do that some morning before it gets too warm. This afternoon, we sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather.

The campground is quiet since most of the campers who arrived yesterday left this morning. We left to go to dinner at Texas Roadhouse around 4:00, since we both had a taste for steak. We enjoyed our meals and brought our leftovers home in a doggie bag.

We had a special kind of day talking (and laughing) about memories from our wedding day and the last 41 years, remembering good times and good friends. It was a great way to start off year #42.

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