Greenfield, IN to Goshen, IN

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 We had a good night’s sleep and woke very rested. It was raining this morning, but Bob checked the radar and there would be a break in the weather to allow us to pack up the campsite. When the rain did stop, we scurried about giving Auggie his walk and getting things put away. We were on our way by 9:00. Look! We spotted the Presidential Bus on the way out of our campground!

Darn! It wasn’t Obama. It was Prayer Force One (no kidding)! It said so on the back of the bus. We picked up more rain near Ft. Wayne and it continued all the way to Goshen. Our neighbors passed us again on the highway and with a quick beep and a wave, they were gone again. They are headed north of Ft. Wayne for a graduation. That will probably be the last time we’ll see them on this trip until we’re both back in Tropic Isles. It was so unreal to run in to them multiple times on the road! What fun! After Ft. Wayne we had to leave the Interstate and take a secondary two lane road to Goshen which took us through some small towns and interesting scenery. We stopped for a bathroom break (in the trailer–nice convenience) and noticed that the temperature dropped with all the rain. It was now only 58 degrees. Brrr! Time for a sweater! We arrived in Goshen at noon, filled up with gas, and proceeded to the Lippert customer service center.

Bob wanted to see where we had to go for our 7 AM appointment tomorrow and talk to them about the repair. It was still raining cats and dogs, so I waited in the truck while Bob went inside to check it out. Bob had said that we were in Amish Country, but I didn’t believe him until I saw it for myself…a couple of times.

After a few minutes, Bob returned and we found our way to the Elkhart County Fairgrounds, a few miles away, to camp for the night.

This was our first time camping in a fairground, so it’ll be a brand new experience. We pulled into our site and checked the weather radar before setting up. We were only 1 of 2 other campers there.

It was chilly and the rain made it worse. We actually put on the HEAT in the trailer to take the chill out of the air while we waited for a break in the rain. I worked on getting my newsletter ready to send to the printer. Around 3:00 the rain stopped and we unhooked the trailer to make a run to Walmart. We needed an alarm clock to make sure that we would be to our 7 AM appointment on time tomorrow. We relaxed the rest of the afternoon away and had a later dinner.

Bob cooked pork chops on the grill and we watched some TV after dinner. I took Auggie for his evening walk before dark. Tomorrow we would get the axel replaced and be on our way to Brookfield to see Anne and the family. They said it would take 2-3 hours for the repair and then about 5-6 hours to Brookfield if all goes well. We are looking forward to our visit with family and friends in Wisconsin.

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