Goshen, IN to Brookfield, WI

Thursday, June 5, 2014 We got up with the alarm at 5:45 to be at the repair shop for our 7 AM appointment. We didn’t want to be late. We dropped off the trailer and went to Walmart and the car wash to kill the 2 hours they said it would take to do the repair. It was a beautiful sunny morning, but a cool 62 degrees when we got up. It was nice to see the sun after all the rain we had yesterday. We almost needed our sweat pants this morning, but all our “warm” clothes were buried in the back of the truck. Who would have thought we would need them before South Dakota? Oh well, it warmed up quickly with the sun and it would be a better day. A VERY GOOD DAY! The repair shop called us after about an hour and said they were already done! Woo-hoo! They were so quick that we gave the guys an extra $10 to go have a couple of beers after work on us for their speedy service. Amazing! We are SO lucky!!! After Bob paid the bill, we hooked up the trailer and were on our way by 9:00. We gained an hour as we left Indiana and picked up the toll road to bypass Chicago. The traffic wasn’t too bad around Chicago and the road conditions were great! We crossed the WI-IL border at 11:30 and headed to Brookfied. 

We arrived at Anne’s around noon and set up the trailer in her driveway for the next 3 days. 

We got a chance to visit with Izzy and Anne before Kaya came home from school and James came home from work. It was a beautiful day in Brookfield with temps in the mid 70’s and clear blue skies. Izzy and Auggie played together outside.

Grandpa Bob and Izzy played basketball. There were lots of high fives all around!

I asked Izzy to show me her best smile. Here it is!

Izzy and Grandpa Bob were having a great time! She has energy enough for two people!

Grandpa Bob added two sections to Izzy’s train track so she could go farther! She loves her train!

Once Kaya came home from school, Kaya and Anne took their daily run. While they were gone, Izzy and I read a book and did some chalk drawings on the sidewalk with 3-D chalk. If you wear the special glasses, the chalk drawings seem to jump out at you. Very cool.

Izzy is modeling the glasses for you here.

When Kaya and Anne got back, Bob helped Anne make dinner while Kaya and Anne’s sister, Becca, watched some TV in the kitchen.

James came home from work and we had barbecue chicken sandwiches and mandarin orange salad for dinner. It was delicious. I took Auggie for his evening walk around the block. He enjoyed all the new smells. We retired to the trailer around 7:00. We had gotten up early this morning and had done a long drive. Auggie was worn out from all the excitement. We were tired and Kaya had a test tomorrow to study for. We are looking forward to spending the day with Anne and Izzy tomorrow. We’ll enjoy spending the weekend with the whole family!

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