Ft. Myers day 3

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 We rocked and rolled all night with the north wind blowing waves into the marina. This morning the temp was a chilly 47 degrees. We had to turn on the heat to take the chill out of the air. I took Auggie for his morning walk while Bob drank his coffee in the warmth of the boat. Later, Bob went up to the marina office to pay for another night and got us invited to the “end of the season” dock party. The marina will be providing dinner and a boat ride on the JP Paddlewheeler. All we need to bring is a dish to pass. The girl in the office suggested dinner rolls. I can handle that! Later in the morning, we took a short walk to First Street in downtown Ft. Myers so Bob could get his eyeglasses worked on. The lens keeps falling out. While the optometrist worked on his glasses, we took a stroll down First Street to see check out all the shops.

After Bob picked up his glasses, we decided to hop on the trolley and pick up some dinner rolls at Publix for the dock party tonight. We walked back, since it was faster than waiting for the trolley and made it back to the marina in 20 minutes. Once back at the boat, Bob went over to talk to the captain and the crew of the Viking sportfish (my dream boat) that came in yesterday and parked in front of us.

They were docked here for an extra day because of the weather and took the added time to clean up the boat after spending a month in the Bahamas doing some fishing. The captain had the mate filet the last of their mahi mahi from the trip. They asked if we wanted some since they were tired of eating fish and were going to cook steaks for dinner tonight. The mate gave Bob 4 meals of fresh mahi mahi. Yum!

This cold has really got me down, so I took a nap while Bob cleaned out some compartments in the boat. I felt much better after my nap and we got ready to go to the dock party. We walked the two blocks to the pier where the boat was docked and went on board.
There was a cash bar so we had a cocktail and visited with other boaters as we waited for everyone to arrive. We sat on the upper deck and had a pasta/salad/baked chicken dinner while the boat went down the Caloosahatchee River about two or three miles. 

It was a pleasant evening since the winds had died down from this afternoon. The cruise ended as the sun went down and brought the temperatures with them. 

We took the short walk back to the boat and Auggie got his evening walk. We relaxed in the comfort of the boat while watching some TV.

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