Ft. Myers day 2

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 After extensive rain all day and all night yesterday, the sun came out this morning! It wouldn’t last long, as more rain was expected later when a cold front moves through the area. We talked with our blog techie last night regarding the problems we were having with the blog site. He helped us make a few adjustments, but today he called back to help us fix a couple of major glitches. All is well…..for now! Thanks Cooper for getting things all straightened out! It sprinkled a little while we were working on the blog, but then the skies cleared. Bob, Auggie, and I took a walk to the city park to stretch our legs and get some exercise while the weather was nice. I caught a slight cold and went through a box of tissues yesterday, so after lunch, Bob and I rode the free trolley to Publix for some cold remedies.

The wind picked up in the afternoon, but the skies were clear. We were happy to be tied to the dock. Bob grilled chicken for dinner. After supper, Auggie and I took a nice long walk which he enjoyed. He did not like how the boat was rocking in the marina from the waves rolling into the entrance. Hopefully, the winds will die down this evening. It will be a cooler night.

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