FT. Myers Beach, Day 4

We slept in and it was a casual morning. Bob made his “Sunday breakfast” as we had more time to spare today. After Auggie got his morning walk, we worked on washing down the underside of the awning. It was a little grimy from all our travels. Then we sat back and watched the mass exodus of people leaving the park this morning. Look at the stuff this guy brought with him camping this weekend. He had a huge travel trailer and was pulling a trailer with a four person golf cart, 5 bikes, 2 huge coolers, and other odds and ends. Yikes!

 The workers were busy pulling out the travel trailers for people just like they drove them into the sites, so they could be hooked up to the vehicles. They were going home. It was crazy busy! Many were gone by 11:00, but some lingered awhile longer. This area of the campground was totally overrun with campers the last 3 days. You couldn’t see a table or the grass for all the RVs. Now everyone is gone and the area looks abandoned. I’m sure it’s packed like sardines in here during the winter season. 

This would be our last day of “vacation”, though according to Bob we’re always on vacation. It would be our last beach day for awhile. The sun finally picked out after a cloudy morning, but we might get showers this afternoon. Around 11:30, we packed up our gear for our last visit to Ft. Myers Beach. The beachside section of RVs was still pretty full especially that row facing the water. The beach was noticably more empty today as many people had to go home to go to work tomorrow. Aw……

We picked our spot and enjoyed the day. Both Bob and I got into the water for a dip.

I took a walk along the beach and did my good deed for the day of picking up trash on the beach. I just hate to see that! The tide started coming in and overran the ridge of sand at the edge of the beach, flooding the picnic area of some people. They didn’t seem to mind.

Around 2:30, dark clouds rolled in from the southwest.

After awhile, we heard thunder, so we packed up and went back to the campsite. We put away some things and rolled up the awning in preparation for the coming storm. We had everything put away with about 2 minutes to spare. The wind came up, blowing sand across the campground. Then the sky opened up and the rain came. It rained hard for about 30 minutes and then the sun came out. I imagine quite a few people got caught on the beach during the storm. We defrosted the freezer and packed up a few things while we waited out the rain. We had dinner and took Auggie for his walk before going across the way to the beach. The tide was out and I went to see what sea treasures I could find. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous!

I walked along the extended beach as the tide was out and saw hundreds of sand dollars. There were whelks and anemones buried in the sand. As a shell collector, I was in 7th heaven. I had a guilty conscience about taking the live shells, so I didn’t. My camping neighbor had found some brittle stars the day before, so I really was looking for a brittle star. I didn’t find any, but really enjoyed walking the beach as darkness fell. The temperature was warm and so was the water. It was heavenly. I went back to the trailer and found Bob and Auggie asleep. I watched a little TV and then went to bed myself. We would be leaving for home in the morning.

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