Ft. Myers Beach-Day 3

It was a partly cloudy morning, humid with a light breeze. We took Auggie to shore and checked out the farmer’s market under the bridge. We made our way back to the boat in time to be there for the pumpout boat to arrive.

Booba took about 5 minutes to do the job and we were good to go. We dinghied back to shore a little later to take a walk down to the post office, general store, and a few shops along the way. Things were pretty quiet in town. We found a fishing rod floating in the water where our dinghy was tied up, so Bob rinsed off the salt water and it was as good as new. We hung out back on the boat so Bob could take part in a Skype call for some Co-op business at 1:00. The call lasted about an hour. The day was getting hot and steamy–making us both feel a little lazy. After the call was over, we went into town for the happy hour at Yucatan Bar and Grill….16 oz. drafts for $2.50 and Nachos Grande (our favorite) for $5. Can’t beat that! We probably won’t need to eat dinner after that. We got “happy” while listening to some great guitar music from a local artist.

Bob thought I should put this picture in the blog of this Ft. Myers “Wal-Mart” woman gone bad. You know what I mean!

On the walk back to the dinghy, Bob noticed an osprey with a fish on the beam of the bridge. He was busily eating his catch.

We took a slow dinghy ride back to the boat after a couple of hours and cooled off. There was little breeze today and with the temps pushing 90 degrees, it was warm. I gave Bob a needed haircut out in the cockpit and we sat there watching the weekend boaters kickoff the start of the weekend. It’s noticably more quiet in town, on the beach, and in the mooring field now that the snowbirds and spring breakers are gone…at least that’s what the merchants tell us. We like it….less congestion! We had a quiet evening enjoying the full moon and the city lights in the harbor.

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