Ft. Myers Beach–Day 2

I slept in the salon to avoid the noise of the waves on the hull and got a decent night’s sleep. Bob slept in the stateroom oblivious to the noise. When we took Auggie to shore for his morning walk, the wind and the current were fighting against each other creating 1-2′ waves rolling through the anchorage.

It made for a very precarious and wet trip to shore. We walked around town and since it was early there were very few people out and about. Back at the boat, Bob worked on rewiring our TV and after 3 hours and some time spend at Bernie’s working on it, he finally figured out the problem. The wire wasn’t connected to the antenna because of a poor installation from work done by the previous owner. What a surprise!

He finally got it to work and all was well! Once Bob was finished, we got ourselves ready to spend a few hours in town looking around. We walked along Old San Carlos Blvd.checking out some of the shops there. That took us to the beach and the Pier.

The beach was not very busy, but it was still early in the day.

We walked down Estero Blvd. that parallels the beach to the Lani Kai–where the action is!¬†

We had a few beers while listening to a great singer and doing some people watching.

Bob spotted a long-haired dachshund walking on the beach with the same coloring as Auggie that he just had to check out.

As noon approached, more and more people came to the beach and things started happening–parasailing and other sports–on the beach.

We saw the high speed Key West ferry arriving on its first run of the day.

I really loved seeing the old-fashioned ice cream cart¬†making his way down the beach—palm tree, parrot, and all.

From there, we went to check on the dinghy at the dinghy dock and then walked over to the Yucatan Bar and Grill. I had seen an ad for cheap drinks during happy hour and it was that time. We enjoyed listening to an amazing man play on his steel drum.

Our bartender, Josh, was quite a character, as well. Check out his beard!

We had a couple of beers there, checked out the nachos special for tomorrow, and then headed back to the boat. By then the wind had calmed off and it was hot and steamy. We turned on the AC for a short time before dinner and Bob grilled some steaks. After dinner, we took Auggie to shore for his evening walk. The town was busy with music and people dining. As the sun was setting, we returned to the boat and enjoyed a beautiful evening with an almost full moon.

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