Ft. Myers Beach, Day 2

Happy Birthday, Bob. You are the love of my life! Considering how crowded this place is, it was pretty quiet last night. There are only a few sites that aren’t full.

 It was another hot 90 degree day, but with less humidity and a little more breezy. We took a drive into town so we could fill up the truck with gas and look around down at the pier. We parked and walked out on the pier.

There was this silver statue–NO! It was a young man painted silver posing as a statue.

He stood SO still! We watched people walk by who would jump when he changed positions. It was pretty amazing! From out on the pier, we could see the beach starting to fill up and it was only 10 AM. It’s the place to be on a warm day like today.

We stopped at the Matanzas Inn to check out the menu in case we wanted to go out for Bob’s birthday. We also got a look at the anchorage there. We would have anchored there had we come by boat. It wasn’t very full. 

We walked through the plaza on our way back to the car. It was still pretty empty.

We walked down Estero Blvd. to the Mala Kai Hotel to see what was going on there. The music was blaring, but it was pretty quiet yet. I guess it was still early in the day.

We filled up with gas and stopped at the store to pick up some birthday dinner for tonight. Bob wanted to grill fillet mignons and have some fresh Florida sweet corn with Key Lime Pie for dessert. Yum! From there we went back to the Red Coconut campground. We got ourselves ready to hang out at the beach for the afternoon and made the short walk across the street. The beach was packed with canopies from people at the campground. I guess it’s the new thing. It looked like a little village on the beach.

We set up our beach umbrella near the water and settled in. It was quite warm unless the breeze was blowing….which wasn’t very often. We both took a dip in the water. This was the first time Bob went in for a swim on our trip. It was his birthday dip!

Bob also had this birthday beer at the beach and we toasted his 60th birthday!

The beach was crazy busy today. We had a good spot to view all the action. 

Bob noticed a guy trying out this new contraption in the water. It’s called a flyboard. You put on the boots which are strapped to the board and the jets of water lift you into the air. It’s the coolest water jet pack ever! Check out “flyboard” on Youtube and you’ll be amazed at what you can do with this thing! It was awesome! We’ve seen it advertised for rent in magazines. Now we’ve seen it in person.

Around 3:00, we had enough sun for the day and walked back to the campsite. Bob said after all the “beach time” I’ve been getting on this trip, I won’t need to go to the beach for months. Ha! Our camping neighbors stopped by to invite us to join them under their canopy at the beach for the sunset. Maybe tomorrow. We took Auggie for a walk around the park as the sun was setting and returned to our site to turn on our flamingo lights. We were tired from our day at the beach. 

Bob hung up the lights this morning and we wanted to give them a try. They looked great! I think Bob had a nice birthday! We’ll check out Sanibel Island tomorrow. I haven’t been there in quite a few years. It would be a shame to be this close and not make a visit to the beach there.

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