Ft. Lauderdale to Miami

We woke up fairly early and started the process of closing down the camp. Auggie got his walk between a couple of light showers. The forecast was calling for showers later today with possible heavy winds and thunderstorms. We were taking down camp when the rain started around 10:00. It came down heavily for about 30 minutes. We waited inside for it to stop and when it was done, it left large pools of standing water.
Bob donned his protective apron to put on the hitch and hook up the truck while I took care of the water and electric outside and stowed everything safely inside.

We finished our preparations before the rains came again. We pulled out of the campground and were on our way by 11:00. We headed south on I-95 and it wasn’t long before we came out from under the rain
cloud above us. Traffic was heavy going south around Miami. The last part of the trip took us out into the country among the orchards and nurseries. Our campground, Larry and Penny Thompson Memorial Park and Campground, was located southwest of Miami out in the country. It looked like another great choice! These country parks are amazing! We’ve also found that traveling this time of year is great for getting into any campground. Nothing has been full and they consider this “off season” so many have reduced prices. We arrived at 12:30 and were assigned site #3. We got started setting up and were settled in by 1:00. 

After lunch we checked out the park. Around 3:00 thunder rumbled in the northwest and off in the distance we saw dark clouds approaching. It rained off and on lightly most of the afternoon with thunder and lightning, but there was no wind accompanying the storm. This was the first cloudy, rainy day that we’ve had on the entire trip. Auggie loves our new location as there are tons of squirrels around. We had a later dinner and enjoyed the “down time”. Tomorrow we’ll go into Miami to see the sights.

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