Ft. Lauderdale day 4

Monday, April 7, 2014 It was another sunny, windy day. We did our usual morning routine and made sure Auggie got his walk. We did some research on riding the Sun Trolley to the beach and made plans to leave. We decided it was a good idea to leave the beach umbrella back at the boat today due to the wind. If we needed to, we could rent one at the beach. We walked 2 blocks to Las Olas Blvd. where we would catch the trolley. We waited on the corner and after about 20 minutes we spotted the trolley coming down the street. With a wave to the driver, he stopped to pick us up. It was $1 to ride each way for each of us.

We got on and rode all the way down Las Olas Blvd. about 2 miles to the beach. 

The driver dropped us off on Ft. Lauderdale Beach Blvd., right at the beach around 11:00.

We found a shady spot under one of the many palms trees there. The beach was fairly empty where we were, but farther down the beach it was pretty crowded.

As the day wore on, more and more people arrived to enjoy a day at the beach. There were lots of young people spending a day at the beach, probably on Spring Break. The winds were really blowing the sea spray into the air, causing large waves to break on the shoreline. 

I walked down to the water’s edge to test the temperature. It had really warmed up and I let the waves crash around me. It felt so good. We sat on the beach watching the boats come and go from the inlet south of us. There seemed to be quite a few yachts and fishing boats moving about for such a windy day. We shared an ice cream before we packed up to leave. We caught the trolley right at the beach about 2:30 to take us back to the boat. 

It was a quick 20 minute ride and we were back to the boat in no time. We cooled off in the AC before cleaning up and making dinner. We’ll spend another day here in Ft. Lauderdale due to the winds that don’t seem to be letting up. The forecast is also calling for rain, so another day here seems in order. We took Auggie for his evening walk after dinner and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

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