Ft. Lauderdale day 3

Sunday, April 6, 2014 I slept in really late today. I couldn’t believe it! We had a leisurely morning. Bob cooked our usual Sunday breakfast of eggs, toast, and Canadian bacon. Delicious! We did some research yesterday about where I might do some wash and found out we could go to the other city marina a little farther down the river where they have a laundromat. We called the marina office to get the code for the door and decided we’d take the dinghy there, since it was a little far to walk carrying the laundry, soap, etc. We left the boat around noon and took the short dinghy ride to Cooley’s Landing where the laundromat was. They had a nice laundry area and no one was using it. We relaxed outside doing some reading while we waited for the wash to get done.

In about 90 minutes we were on our way back to the boat with our clean laundry. We dropped it off and gathered up a few things to go sit by the river to listen to some music. They were having the Sunday Jazz Brunch from 11-2 along the riverwalk. They have this event on the first Sunday of each month. There were lots of people picnicing along the river.

The three of us walked to the park where it was being held and found a nice shady spot by the river for our chairs. We got there a little late so we didn’t hear much of the music, but we enjoyed our view of the river and the boat traffic for the next two hours.

While we were sitting there, the train bridge sign starting to notify boaters that the bridge would be coming down in 5 minutes. The clock there started the countdown. After the five minutes passed, the bridge started to come down and all boat traffic stopped.

After another few minutes passed we could hear the train whistle and soon the train appeared.

It was a long train pulled by 3 engines. After about 5 minutes, the last train car disappeared and the bridge went up again. The boat traffic that had been stalled, was now on the move again. We watched the boats pass and then we decided to head back to the boat to have dinner. Auggie enjoyed his time off the boat and spent those two hours constantly on the move hunting for whatever he could find. He greeted lots of people in the park and went nose-to-nose with a lot of cute dogs. When we got back to the boat, he was tuckered out and went right to sleep. We relaxed a little before dinner and took an evening walk down to Las Olas Blvd. to check out the nightlife once it got dark. Things were hopping down there last night when Auggie and I happened by there on our walk. The street was lit up by lights hanging in the trees and was very festive-looking. We will spend another day here in Ft. Lauderdale due to the winds and the cold front that is moving through the area on Monday night.

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