Ft. Lauderdale, day 2

Saturday, April 5, 2014 It was nice to sleep in. The rocking and rolling from all the boat wakes finally ended around 11 PM when people put their boats to sleep for the night. It can get pretty rowdy in the New River during the day. We decided to take a walk to Las Olas Blvd.

It offers restaurants, food shops, boutiques, and specialty shops.

We spotted the “Pedal Pub” vehicle parked in front of the Briny Irish Pub. You sit on a stool and pedal while you drink.

It’s really called the Cycle Party, but I like Bob’s name better! From there we walked about a mile to the nearest CVS store to find a replacement shaver for Bob. His current shaver died. Once back at the boat, we dropped off our purchases and took a walk to the park to see what was going on there. Yesterday, when we walked by, they were setting up tent canopies for something. Today we arrived too late and they were taking them down. Apparently, there was some kind of a run-for-charity event. After resting there in the shade for awhile, we went back to the boat to relax and watch the boat traffic. They closed down a part of the river from 12-2 PM for a river raft race today. It must have been in another part of the river because we never saw any of it. We did hear horns blow as this yacht was being towed fore and aft down the river through the bridge.

The last smaller boat was the yacht’s tender for taking people to shore from the yacht. Even that was a pretty big boat.

Later in the afternoon, we took a hot ride in the dinghy–the 3 of us– farther down the river towards the IMax Theater.

We went a little past the 7th Ave. bridge to check out the other marinas and turned around. Auggie was getting a little overheated.

Boat traffic wasn’t too bad, but the current was really running which made for a wavy ride. We had an early dinner so we coud watch the Florida vs UConn basketball game in the Final Four tournament. More importantly, we wanted to watch Wisconsin vs Kentucky later on. Go Badgers!!!! Auggie got his evening walk after the first game and before Wisconsin played. Then we settled in to watch the “big game”.

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