Ft. Lauderdale Beach, Day 3

We slept in and had a leisurely morning. Bob made his weekly Sunday breakfast and watched his morning shows while Auggie and I relaxed outside. We packed up our beach gear around 11:30 and headed down to Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Sunday traffic was light until…..we got near the beach. There was a huge parking lot and it was completely full. We thought we’d get in line with the other cars waiting to snatch a parking space when someone left. Luck was with us as we pulled into the lot and a couple that was leaving walked right to the car in front of us. We drove in, unloaded, and made the short walk to the beach. The beach was getting busy, but we found a great spot.

The first thing we noticed was a wedding taking place on the beach. There was a group of about 30 people and of course the bride and groom.

We settled in and spent the afternoon people and boat watching. The supply of people and boats was endless. There were 3 large ships anchored offshore waiting to go into port to unload and lots of pleasure boats of all kinds traveling up and down the shoreline.

The parasail boat was operating right offshore in front of us. It was easy to spot the smiley face parachute.

Later, a catamaran, The Spirit of Lauderdale, sailed by with a boatload of people on a charter cruise. The wind was perfect for a great sail today.

We spent a couple of hours on the beach and enjoyed the day. The beach got more crowded as the day went on. I took a swim and the water was perfect. There were lots of people who had the same idea.

The Goodyear Blimp was flying up and down the beach. I think it followed us from the Riverwalk yesterday.

Around 3:00, we pulled out of the parking lot and drove along Ocean Beach Dr. where we noticed these signs displayed along the roadside. They were advertising a beach party on May 25 (to celebrate Bob’s birthday or so he thought). Not really, but we had a laugh about it.

Back at the camp, we relaxed outside with Auggie. He is obsessed with chasing geckos. When he’s outside that’s all he does! Today, however, a mother duck and 2 ducklings came by to visit. She came and sat on the grass just far enough from Auggie that he couldn’t reach her, but he was very curious and she was being protective.

He tried and tried and even barked a few times to get her to react, but she just ignored him. After a few minutes, she walked behind the hedge that lines our patio….and of course, Auggie followed her. This time his tether line allowed him to follow and get close to her. 

 Only a few seconds went by before we heard a loud yelp! I dropped what I was doing and jumped up to see what was going on. As I raced around to the other side of the hedge, Auggie was running towards me and momma duck was in her scary pose with wings up and her beak open. I think she might have pecked at him and scared the crap out of him. There was no blood or injury present, but there was one little dog that never left the patio for the rest of the afternoon. When papa duck wandered by later on, Auggie started to go close to him, stopped dead in his tracks, and turned around. Auggie wouldn’t even look at papa duck after that. I think he learned a good lesson about ducks today. We had dinner and relaxed after a great day at the beach. This morning the weather report said that there was a threat of rain in the forecast. It never looked like rain at all today. It must have been somewhere else because our weather was perfect!

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