Englewood-Day 2

It was a peaceful night with a sliver of a moon shining over us. The morning was sunny and cool as Bob dinghied Auggie and I to shore for our morning walk on our second day in Englewood. After breakfast, Bob and I packed up the dinghy to spend a few hours on the beach and to do some shark’s teeth hunting. We took the short ride to Stump Pass State Park and landed the dinghy at the kayak launch where we took a quick walk to the beach. The beach was fairly empty as we set up our chairs and began our search for shark’s teeth. Once you know what to look for, you can easily spot them in the sand among the shells–triangular, shiny, and most often black, although an occasional brown one does appear. After about 3 hours, we came away with about 50 shark’s teeth, both large and small. Not bad for an afternoon of fun!

We spent some of the afternoon watching the abundant wildlife on the beach and then headed back to the boat.

Back at the boat, we did some reading and watched the boat traffic on the ICW. There were quite a few boats moving about for a Wednesday. “Bob’s Boat” came by and we chatted with its owner. Of course, Bob had to get a picture.

After dinner, we took Auggie to shore for his evening walk before the sun set. He always enjoys hunting for geckos on his walks. Everyone had a great day!

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  1. Hi Bob and Cindy,

    So glad you included me in your latest cruisiing trip. It keeps me motivated to get back down to Florida. We sold our home up here and closing May 30th. Not much time to get packing, but will be busy the next month. Looking for something temporary till we decide what to buy or where. Exciting and scary, but a chance to down-size and move into our next phase before Lee retires. Looking forward to keeping up with your new adventure. Lana

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