Emigrant, MT to Great Falls, MT July 6, 2014

Sunday, July 6, 2014 We packed up and were on the move by 9:00 saying goodbye to Yellowstone on this sunny, cloudless morning. It would warm up to 92 degrees today. The road took us through Bozeman Pass (5,712 ft.).

It then turned north following the Madison River through the prairie grasslands and farmlands of wheat and soybeans. From a distance, we saw this huge herd of horses standing on the hill. As we got closer, we could see that they were statues posed on a hill with a sign that said, “Check out bluehorses.com”. Hmmm! 

We crossed the Missouri River and saw lots of white pelicans circling above. This must be where some of them spend the summer.

Because Canyon Ferry Lake was nearby we saw lot of RVs pulling boats.

There was quite a bit of traffic returning from the holiday weekend. We followed another Sunset Trails trailer for quite awhile.

We picked up the Interstate in Helena, the capitol of Montana.

After Helena, we climbed into the mountains and cut through Fisher Pass (6131 ft.).

Part of the Interstate was a scenic highway and it took us through this colorful canyon. Those rocks really did look purple!

We descended into the valley of the Missouri River agan and followed it for awhile.

There were a lot of people on the river enjoying the day in one form or another.

We crossed the Missouri River again and stopped at the Rest Area for a break and to eat our lunch around noon. The temp outside was 91 degrees. 

We arrived in Great Falls and found our campground, Dick’s RV Park, at 1:15.

We did a “light” setup since we were only spending one night here. After we settled in, we made up a grocery list and went into town to do some provisioning at the local Walmart for our 2 week stay in Glacier National Park.

I stopped in at the optical department to have them adjust my eyeglasses. I had been living with glasses that were cockeyed on my head for too long. We returned to the campsite to relax and make dinner. Tomorrow we would head into Glacier….our ultimate destination. Auggie got his walk when it started to cool off. We all relaxed the evening away watching some TV.

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