Dothan, AL to Cornersville, TN

Monday, June 2, 2014 Happy 63rd Anniversary, Mom and Dad! We hope you enjoy your special day. We pulled out of the campground at 8:00 this morning. We had to make a quick stop at the nearby WalMart for a new grill that fell apart after dinner yesterday. We were back on the road by 8:30. The skies were overcast with light sprinkles off and on. The temp. was 71 degrees–a pleasant change from the 90 degree days we were having back home. The ride today took us through hilly, wooded countryside which played havoc on our gas mileage, but made for interesting viewing as we passed through some very small towns. Once we picked up the Interstate in Montgomery, we found ourselves traveling over more rolling hillsides, but through larger cities.

After Birmingham, we were passed on the highway by our neighbors from Tropic Isles, Chet and Elaine Faulkner. What a surprise that was! We discovered yesterday via email, that we were spending the night in the same town as they were. I knew that they were leaving on the same day as we were, traveling to Indiana, but what are the chances that we’d both end up spending the night in the same town, let alone pass each other on the road today! How funny!

Before reaching the Alabama-Tennessee border, we crossed over the Tennessee River. The river was high, flooding the banks.

We crossed over the border into Tennessee and traveled about 20 miles before turning off the highway for the night.

We reached our campground for the night, Texas T RV Park, at 3:00.

It is quite a nice place, right off the highway. The campground continued to fill up as the day wore on. It seems to be a popular place. 

After setting up, Bob checked the tires, as he always does throughout the day, to discover that the tires had some unusual wear on them and the axel might be bent. We called around to discover that it is covered under the warrantee, but the repair places were already closed for the day. We’ll have to call tomorrow and find out what can be done…..and when. More later on that topic. Keep your fingers crossed! Bob put the new grill together and set up the satellite TV, which took forever. We had a late dinner and took Auggie for his walk. It was a long and tiring day!

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