Digby to Truro, NS

Sometime early morning it rained. By the time we got up it had pretty much stopped, so we walked Auggie and started taking down camp. The temp was 64 degrees and rain was forecasted for the morning. We were on the road by 9:00 as the rain started falling more heavily. Just in time!

The ride we took was over familiar territory until we got to Windsor, where, instead of taking our “shortcut”, we stayed on Highway 101 to Bedford just north of the capitol town of Halifax. That took us into the interior of Nova Scotia a bit, before heading back north to Truro. It stopped raining after about 30 minutes, but the clouds lingered.

At some points we encountered some low clouds or fog.

The rain came and went, nagging us all morning long. The highway took us past the town of Wilmot where my mom’s friend, Liz, lives. It was a few miles off the highway and would be difficult to get to pulling the travel trailer behind us, but we did wave as we went by.

The area of Nova Scotia she lives in, reminds me a lot of Wisconsin around Madison and the Baraboo Bluffs. 

We noticed that the sides of highways here in Nova Scotia are not littered with billboard signs. It really enhances the beauty of the natural surroundings. This section of highway that we hadn’t traveled on before had some beautiful exposed white rocks along the roadside.

Our route of 187 miles today took us within 2 or 3 miles of Halifax before we turned north. We stopped for gas and a bathroom break near Stewiacke, which is halfway between the equator and the North Pole.

We ate our lunch on the road and finally got out from under the rain. Auggie just slept through it all.

We were glad not to have to set up camp in the rain. We arrived back at Scotia Pines Campground at 12:30 and took the same site we had last time.

We were here about a week ago. We set up camp and took Auggie for a nice walk before the rain returned. It was a lazy afternoon—cool and overcast—so we just hung out and did some trip planning. Bob enjoyed watching all the campers come into the park, one-by-one, all afternoon. We cooked dinner indoors and chilled out the rest of the evening.

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