Conway, NH to Bourne, MA

We woke up before 7 AM to the sound of ……what’s that? NO RAIN! Thank goodness! My prayers were answered. After the all-day rain we had yesterday, there were many wet campers. We were supposed to get 1.65 inches of rain yesterday and more was on the way today. Bob gave Auggie his walk right away and I loaded up the car with everything that I could before it started to rain again. When Bob and Auggie got back he said, “You’ve got to come and see this!” We took a walk over to the tent section of the campground which was in the hollow near the river. OMG! The hollow filled up with the rain yesterday and had nowhere to go. Many of the tenters pulled up stakes and left or moved to higher ground earlier in the day. These particular campers just evacuated the campground in another car and left everything as it was.

They must have left sometime in the night and gone to a motel. No one was around.

We walked down to the river and it was much higher than when we saw it on Tuesday when we arrived. There were rapids where there weren’t any before. There was a lot less beach.

It was rip-roaring past us. As we stood there and watched with a few other curious bystanders, we saw a life vest go floating by us. Someone up river would be short one life vest.

This sign was buried during the last flood and never got dug out. I tried to move it and it wouldn’t budge.

We walked back to our campsite and started to take down our camp. Things were wet and messy from the sand, but not as bad as some tenters will have it today. I bet the dryers in the laundry will be going non-stop. We were packed up, pulling out of the campground at 9:00. It was overcast with a patch of blue sky peeking through every now and then, but it didn’t stay long. Fog hung in the mountains, but it was 72 degrees already. We traveled Scenic Highway 16 south to MA….through moose country or so the many signs said, but alas… moose sightings. At the NH/MA border we stopped at the Visitor’s Center for a pit stop and to check the trailer.

Once we picked up the Interstate, traffic got heavier and heavier as we neared Boston. We took the beltline around Boston to avoid downtown and the traffic on this Saturday. Traffic lightened up a little as we continued south to Cape Cod. The sun finally came out and temps rose to 83 degrees. We hit a bottleneck in traffic crossing over the Bourne Bridge to Cape Cod and the islands.

We sat in stop-and-go traffic for 15 minutes. We finally crossed the bridge and made it to Cape Cod.

We arrived at Bay View Campground at 1:45 and checked in.

We proceeded to our campsite and set up camp hoping to dry things out in the process.

It’s Saturday so things were really happening at the campground. This place is huge. It has over 400 sites and most of them are seasonal. There are 3 pools, a rec hall, coffee shop and restaurant, ice cream parlor, game room, planned activites, campstore, and dog park. We relaxed for awhile after the 198 mile ride today and enjoyed the sunshine. After awhile, we took Auggie for a walk to get a look around the campground. The majority of sites are seasonal, meaning the people leave their rigs on the site all summer long. Some might come and stay for the summer and others come every weekend. It’s quite a little community. We found the dog park, so Auggie got to run around sniffing to his heart’s content. We had a nice dinner and watched a little TV before calling it a night. We have planned to stay here 4 days, but depending on the weather, we may decide to stay a little longer. There is a lot to see and do!

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