Conway, NH, Day 4

We woke up later than usual to the pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof. We didn’t feel any need to get up early with nowhere to go today. The weather pretty much dictated our plans–rain off and on today. After breakfast, Bob found an instant oil change place to have the oil changed in the truck, so he took it in. He was back within an hour. He also found a movie theater in town, so we went to the movies after lunch. We went to see The Dark Knight at 1:00 and had popcorn for lunch. What’s a movie without popcorn? Back at the campground around 4:00, I did some laundry and some trip plannning. It was a good day for that. 

Auggie got a quick walk while we heard thunder off in the distance. It started raining about 5:00 and rained hard for quite a few hours. We cooked an indoor meal of chili for a cool, rainy day like today. It continued to rain lightly into the night. The roads in the campground were flooded and there were large puddles everywhere. I felt really bad for the tenters. I remember the days when we camped in a tent and it rained. Those were the worst days! Some people actually packed it up and left, but more campers arrived. I hope that it isn’t raining in the morning when we have to pack up to leave. We are headed to Cape Cod for a few days.

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