Columbia, SC to Townsend, GA

August 21, 2023 We got up early without the alarm and were on the road by 10:00. We got back on I-26 through South Carolina to I-95 and took that the rest of the way. Our destination was Townsend , GA just south of Savannah. It was sunny with clear skie, and already 87 degrees. We have 201 miles to go today. There was a lot more traffic and semi- trucks on the road today. For miles along this stretch of highway in South Carolina, they were clear-cutting trees all along the sides of the road to widen the highway and add more blacktop. Ugh!!

Long stretches of highway in rural South Caroline has no signs and very little traffic on I-95.

We stopped at a Rest Area to stretch our legs and eat our lunch around noon. We crossed the border into Georgia at 12:30 and the Savannah River.

We crossed the Jerico River before our exit #58.

We ran into some light showers that popped up along the coast and moved inland. It looked dark up ahead of us.

We hit a wall of rain as everyone started to brake on the highway. I watched the radar to see how long it would last. It didn’t last long and then we got off at our exit. We arrived at the campground at 1:30.

As we entered the driveway something looked familiar to me and sure enough, the office gave it away.

I recognized the boat and remembered we had stayed here before. I got out the raincoats as it rained harder. Bob went to check us in as we heard a couple claps of thunder. We were led to our site #53 by Donny.

Again, we asked for a pull-thru site so we could stay connected to the Jeep.

It rained for about 30 minutes, so we just hooked up to power and then we could run the AC. After the rain stopped, we finished setting up and Auggie got a walk to stretch his legs. This campground sits on a nice-sized lake and once the rain stopped, we could see across the lake.

We could see the Office boat from the other side of the lake as our view from the motorhome.

After the rain, it was a steamy 89 degrees. We hung out in the AC for the rest of the afternoon. We weren’t ready to sweat in the muggy temps. We had dinner and then walked Auggie once it cooled off a little. It turned out to be a nice evening. Tomorrow we leave for our last campground before going home. We will be in Wildwood, FL near the Villages where we will visit our friends, Tom and Bridget Krasowsky.

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