Charleston, SC Day 4

May 27. 2023 It rained most of the night with a light, steady rain. After we got up, the rain stopped, but came in bands throughout the morning. Bob checked the forecast and the radar as the wind picked up. The forecast was for winds 20-25 mph, gusting to 45. The winds brought down a large branch on top of a travel trailer across the road. This is one time I was glad NOT to be camping in the trees. We decided to stay another day and avoid the windy travel day. The wind would have been coming out of the north and blowing against us all day. Bob went up to the office and paid for another day. He wasn’t in there alone. 5 other men were there to extend their stay as well. Bob and Auggie took their walk and saw that the campground was fuller today than the last two days. I would guess that campers had arrived for the Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately, the weather will not make for a great outdoor weekend. Bob called our next campground in Wilmington, NC and let them know we would not be arriving today. They were cool with that. We stayed indoors and had to dig out our warmer clothes–sweatpants, long sleeve shirts, heavy fleeces. We knew we might need them at some point on our trip, but not this soon. The temp this morning was 56 and by noon it had crept up to 58. The expected high is supposed to be 63, but I doubt if it reaches that today. The weather today is the same in Wilmington as it is here, but tomorrow is supposed to be better. We hung out all day in the motorhome, made phone calls, and watched movies. It rained off and on like they predicted and by dinnertime the temp had risen to 62. We took Auggie for his evening walk when it wasn’t raining and watched more TV into the evening. There wasn’t much else to do. Tomorrow we hope to be on our way to Wilmington, NC for one less day than planned.

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