Charleston, SC Day 3

May 26, 2023 We woke to gray skies with the threat of rain for most of today. Bob got Auggie’s walk in before the rain started at 10:00. It rained lightly off and on, mostly on, all day long. It was a cooler morning as well with our “wake up” temp at 60 degrees. We had to dig out our warmer clothes and turn on the floor heat. We just hung out and it was nice to have a day with some “down time”. It was a low key day with not much going on, except the 3 of us did take a short drive to scope out how we will be able to exit the campground and get to the Interstate from here. Traffic on the road in front of the campground is CRAZY and there is no way we would be able to make a left turn across two lanes of boulevard traffic to get out, so we had to find another way . . . and we did! On our way back, we made a quick stop at Publix for some beer and then drove back to the campground. The temperature dropped to 58 by later afternoon and we hunkered down with the rain outside. Auggie got it right!

I haven’t spoken too much about our campgrounds on this trip, but this is one of the nicer ones. Oak Plantation has 221 sites on 45 acres. The sites are large, well-spaced, and every one has some grass. The campground isn’t full and there is a lot of green space and shade trees. There is a fishing lake, dog run, playground, disc golf course, and a very nice pool. Unfortunately, the weather has not been warm enough or dry enough to use it. The grounds are extremely well-manicured with the grass being mowed and the shrubs being trimmed. The restrooms are very clean and they have trash and recycling cans everywhere. (This is one of the first campgrounds that actually recycles.) We would recommend this campground to anyone! These are the views from my windows.

We had an “indoor meal” since the rain made it impossible to grill outside. Chili was on the menu! We checked with the campground office to see if we can stay another day. There is a storm approaching the area with heavy rain (up to 6 inches) and 20 mph winds gusting to 30 expected, which would make our drive somewhat treacherous. We are able to stay if we need to, but we will make that decision in the morning after checking the updated weather report. I put on my raincoat and Crocs and took Auggie for a walk. He didn’t want to stay out there very long. More campers arrived for the weekend and had to set up in the rain. We relaxed watching a movie listening to the rain on the roof.

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