Cape May, NJ Day 6

June 14, 2023 Well, let me tell you! You have to be flexible when you RV. Here’s why! We woke up to be on the move by 9:30. We pulled out of the campsite around 9:00 because we had to go to the dump station before we got on the road. I followed Bob in the Jeep and noticed that the mud guard was dragging on the ground. I thought maybe the mud guard had broken off and needed to be reattached. When Bob stopped at the dump station, he noticed that the rear inflation system on the bus never inflated and there was nothing wrong with the mud guard. We didn’t want to drive the bus any distance this way, so Bob moved the bus out of the way and into the closest empty campsite. Bob tried re-inflating the system multiple times and nothing happened. He tried a few other things and called Freightliner (they are the builders of the chassis) to get any advice they could give. They suggested a few things, but nothing that worked. We began by calling our insurance company for the bus because we have an extended warranty and got that information. Then we called road assistance to see if they could help us find a towing company that could tow the bus. We are literally at “the end of the road” and there isn’t much available in the vicinity. We spent all day calling insurance, Coachnet road assistance, and towing companies. We were very stressed out by all the delay. Bob had to take the bike rack off of the bus because IF and WHEN they came to tow us, they would have to tow us from the back and the rack would be in the way. Luckily, our rack also fits on the Jeep, so we made the transfer. We finally had contact from Coachnet who was very helpful in making contact with the nearest towing company and getting a time set up for tomorrow at 10:00. Our other option is to drive it very slowly avoiding any dips and bumps in the road to the service station about 18 miles away. Freightliner said that it could be done . . . carefully. We don’t have much confidence in the towing company due to their lack of response to us directly, but we’ll have to decide whether or not to trust them with the job of towing the bus when we see what they bring to do the towing. We’ll probably have to adjust our itinerary for the trip once we see what transpires with the encounter tomorrow. We’ve lost one day already and probably another tomorrow. It may be more depending on what the problem is and whether or not they can get the parts. It’s been a very stressful day to say the least!!!!!!! Neither of us had an appetite, so I made Mac and Cheese. Neither of us ate very much. I walked Auggie after dinner and we watched a movie. Bob has a cold and is coughing up a storm during the day. At night, he doesn’t do any coughing. Go figure. I’m hoping that we both can get some needed sleep tonight.

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