Cape Coral–Day 3

Happy May Day! The winds blew most of the night as has been the pattern for the last 3 nights. After checking the weather, we determined this would be our last day in Ft. Myers. We decided to give up the idea of going to the Keys for this year. The weather report for the next week calls for windy days both day and night for the areas we would be traveling in. At least we are seeing more sunny days and less rain chances here, but the wind just does not want to let up. We will move north tomorrow morning and do some exploring closer to home in Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and Tampa Bay. It’s disappointing….but it is what it is. This morning we decided to do some boat chores that needed to be done before we take off tomorrow. We will try to get an early start before the winds kick up. It was an odd day. One minute it would be sunny and the next minute a dark cloud would pass over and drop some rain. After lunch, Barb and I took a swim in the pool. It was very refreshing! 

Auggie ran around the edge of the pool while we swam, so Barb suggested that we see if he could swim. We had tested his swimming ability in the ocean, but never in a pool. I finally got a hold of him and lowered him into the water. He dog-paddled his way to the edge….no problem.

We showed him how to sit on the steps that led into the pool so he wouldn’t have to paddle so much. He wasn’t so sure about that. 

I had Bob get Auggie’s life vest to see if it fit him any better now that he was full grown. We strapped him in, but the vest’s design still put Auggie on his side as he swam. That’s not good. We’ll have to figure out what can be adjusted or get him a different vest. It’s important that he has one that fits and works like it should.

We enjoyed the afternoon, but were leary to do anything outdoors with the weather so unpredictable. Bob grilled some pork tenderloin tips for dinner and later we took a walk once the weather looked more stable. We walked through the neighborhood and across the canal to get a picture of our boat from across the way. We’re the little one next to Bernie and Barb’s bigger one.

Auggie went along, but we were a little worried that he might not be able to go the whole distance. He was a little trouper and basically ran the entire way. I guess he’s all grown up! When he was little and he couldn’t make it the whole distance, we would have to carry him the rest of the way home. Not today! Great job, Auggie! 

Once back at the house, we all rested as the sun set. Then Bob, Auggie, and I went back to the boat to settle in for the night. We would have an early start tomorrow. We have really enjoyed our impromptu visit with Bernie and Barb and thank them for their hospitality. They are truly good friends!

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