Cape Coral–Day 2

We slept in and had a relaxing morning. It was very breezy today with dark clouds floating overhead threatening rain. Every now and then we felt a sprinkle, but nothing to hamper our plans for the day. Barb was kind enough to let me do some wash, so I got that started. We made plans to check out the Eco Trail, a 4 mile hike on a boardwalk through the mangroves along the Caloosahatchee River. We left the house about noon and made our first stop at the Tarpon Point Marina. Barb and I checked out the shops while the guys walked the docks looking at the boats. 

Our next stop was at Ace Hardware for a grill brush and lastly, we ended up at the start of the Eco Trail. It was a pleasant, easy walk through the mangroves. 

Standing at the water’s edge we could feel the strength of the wind and watched the whitecaps roll down the river. 

After leaving the park, we stopped at the Three Fishermen’s Bar and Grill for a beer and a view of the river. We were out of the wind, so we were able to enjoy our time there sitting at a table on the water’s edge. On our way home, Bob spotted an owl sitting next to this hydrant. Bernie said it was a Burrowing Owl.

While we sat there taking a picture, another smaller owl popped up out of the hole in the ground nearby. I guess that’s why they call it a Burrowing Owl.

Now there were two. What are the chances? We headed back home arrriving there at about 3:30. Auggie was glad to see us! I finished the wash as we enjoyed some cocktails and appetizers. Barb made a delicious stir fry dish for dinner that we enjoyed with their friends, Paul and Marilyn, from across the canal. After dinner, the guys shared fishing and boating stories while the women played 500 Rummy. We had a great time! We called it a night and took Auggie back to the boat. Tomorrow we will make a decision as to what we will do, based on the weather forecast. We don’t want to overstay our welcome at the Heinemann’s. They have been great hosts!

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