Cape Coral day 2

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 Tax Day! The day started out sunny and breezy….again. Bob needed Bernie’s help with a repair project on the boat, but before they could start they needed to get some supplies. Hence, a trip to West Marine. Barb and I decided to go along for the ride with a stop on the way home at Publix for a couple of things we needed for dinner. We took the short drive into Cape Coral to West Marine. Bob and Bernie went inside to get what they needed, while Barb and I headed for Ace Hardware next door. They always have some great bargains in there. I found a nice pair of shorts, a long sleeve woman’s shirt for fishing, and what I was really looking for…..some solar garden art! What a find! The guys came looking for us and we were all ready to move on. We made a quick stop at Publix and then we were home. Bernie and Bob got started on the repair, while Barb and I changed into our swimsuits and sat by the pool. Auggie did what he loves to do best…..he patroled the pool area for geckos. He chased a few, but none were caught. 

Later in the afternoon it clouded up and even looked like rain for awhile, but none came. The guys finished phase one of the repair and we all sat together and had cocktails and appetizers before dinner. Barb had invited some neighbors over for dinner and so the 6 of us enjoyed some conversation. Bob cooked mahi mahi and red potatoes that we had brought along with us and we had a delicious dinner. After their new neighbors left, the four of us played dominoes. Tonight’s games went much faster as we all had a better idea of how to play. We played 4 rounds and I was the big winner. Not bad for only playing dominoes twice before. 

Auggie continued to hunt for geckos in the lanai as darkness fell and even in the dark. He was relentless and determined. He never gave up. He spotted a couple, but was never able to catch any. He is one heck of a persistent hunter! 

We said our goodnights and retired for the evening. Bernie and Bob will complete phase two of the repair tomorrow. We decided to stay another day because of the weather forecast….strong winds and small craft advisories tonight through tomorrow noon. Better to stayed tied to the dock.

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