Camas Road, GNP, July 20, 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014 We woke up at 3:30 to say goodbye to Randy. He had to drive 30 miles to the airport and catch a flight at 5:45. Bob and I went back to sleep and finally got up around 8:00. We had such a great time with my brother. I was sad to see him go. Bob made our usualy Sunday breakfast and then we decided to take one last drive through the park. We took Camas Road–a less traveled road in the park where we might see some wildlife. It was pretty forested in parts, but other parts had been ravaged by fire.

Low clouds hung over the mountain tops.

Dark clouds moved in. Were they clouds from smoke or rain clouds? We did see a doe with 2 fawns still with spots.

That was all the wildlife we saw on Camas Road. There was one more stop I wanted to make near McDonald Lake. North of McDonald Falls was the Sacred Dancing Cascade. Bob wasn’t feeling well, so I made the short walk down to McDonald Creek myself. The river was raging and cascading down the cliff and under the bridge.

It was beautiful and thunderous and definitely worth the trip. I drove back to the campground. That was the first 20 miles I’ve driven since we were in Wisconsin. On the way back, we saw a mule deer with velvet antlers on the side of the road. We got back to the campground at 1:30 and did some wash. By 3:30, it was raining lightly, but steadily. We hung out, did wash, and watched a couple of movies. It was a good day for that. We put away most of our outside things before the rain started as this was our last day in Glacier Nat’l Park. We had an indoor meal because the rain came and went. I took Auggie for his evening walk between the rain showers and worked on my blog most of the night. I had a few days to catch up on. The sunset was obscurred by the clouds again tonight, but we did get one last look at the beautiful mountains around us.

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