Caladesi State Park–Day 2

We woke to sunny, blue skies. Quite a change from yesterday’s weather. Now we would start the drying out process. First, we decided to move to another dock with Denny and Brigid so we could have our boats closer to each other and the docking fees were cheaper. After the move, we put everything out in the sun to dry. It looked like a yard sale, but the sun would dry everything out nicely. Brigid and Denny took a short hike, while I got caught up on my blog from yesterday. The Internet was pretty slow and weak yesterday with the rain and I was leery about having the computer plugged in with lightning in the area. Today was a whole different story. Denny heard from the Ranger while checking in, that Palmetto had some strong winds pass through the area. Bob called the office back home to find out if there was any damage. The office said that there was a tornado warning for Terra Ceia Bay (where our house is), but that there was no apparent damage to anything. That’s good! While Bob was out on the dock, he spotted a mother dolphin and her baby hunting for mullet. He called me outside to look. We’ve never seen such a small dolphin. It was maybe 3 ft. long and not very old. The mother was probably teaching the baby to fish. Sorry! Couldn’t get any pictures this time. After lunch, we packed up our beach things and headed out to the beach with Denny and Brigid. 

There was a breeze blowing over the water keeping things nice and cool. We passed away the afternoon chatting on the beach and people watching. 

There were quite a few people on the beach that came in on the ferry. This young mother of 3 was expecting her fourth.

Denny did some snorkeling and found two sand dollars that he graciously gave to me. After awhile, we all decided to go for a swim. Brigid brought along some noodles and we each took one. 

The water was so nice and warm–80 degrees. We had such a pleasant time floating in the ocean. 

Around 4:30, we packed everything up and headed back to our respective boats. On our walk back, we came across three gopher tortoises.

As we got closer, it ran into its burrow. I never knew they could move so fast.

We cleaned up and had a cocktail before dinner. Bob grilled hamburgers and we relaxed before going down to the beach to watch the sunset. Bob, Auggie, and I took the boardwalk to the beach. The sunset was beautiful, with no clouds to block its descent. The sky glowed orange after the sun was gone.

We returned to the boat as darkness fell to watch the end of our DVD from yesterday. What a great day we had!

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