Brunswick, GA to Palmetto, FL

We woke up to partly cloudy skies and cooler temps of 69 degrees. We did our usual morning routine and left the campground at 8:15. We crossed over into FL around 9 AM and from there we had sunny blue skies and the temperatures started climbing.

We made a list of hurricane preparations that we needed to do once we got home. Good thing we put on our hurricane shutters before we left. One less thing to do. We made good time and arrived at home at 2:15. It feels good to be home. 

During our trip, we played a game to see if we could find a license plate from every state in the U.S. We found all but 8 states (UT, NV, NM, WY, KS, OK, IA, HI). We also saw license plates from 7 Canadian Provinces. We paid anywhere from $2.92/gal. to $4.09/gal. in the U.S. and on the average of $5.00/gal. in Canada. We drove a total of 7,343 miles in all through 13 states and 2 Canadian Provinces. We both agree that our favorite part of the whole trip was visiting Nova Scotia (The Bay of Fundy) and Maine with New Hampshire taking a close second. We had great weather on this trip and it was refreshing to get away from the Florida heat in the summer. I had forgotten how much I love the mountains! We had a great time and came home with wonderful memories of beautiful, amazing places and time spent together. Till next time…..

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